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  1. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
  2. Tetris® Effect Original Soundtrack
    by Hydelic
  3. Centre
    by Oxter
  4. Sleet
    by Kubbi
  5. Haunt
    by Oxter
  6. Murk
    by Oxter
  7. Going My Way
    by TEKONDO
  8. Sands Of Time 2011
    by T.Stebbins
  9. Red Line ( Extended Mix )
    by T.Stebbins
  10. Antumbra
    by Oxter
    Pagana Pagana
    This album is very relaxing. I love the combination of older songs mixed in with new songs. It's amazing how Oxter can consistently make quality music that I can keep coming back to over and over again.
  11. Potential
    by Oxter
  12. Stargazer EP
    by Aether
  13. Embers
    by Oxter
    Embers Embers
    That familiar Oxter quality. Criminally underrated. The songs on this album are consistently great, and I never skip a song. Synth with reverb is absolutely amazing. This album sounds like it was specifically designed to be listened to in lossless format, and the overall experience benefits from the perfect master.
  14. Aether
    by Oxter
    August/Wind August/Wind
    I discovered this album through GHG and I was pleasantly surprised that I had found a beautifully made album that has some of the best music that I have ever listened to in my life. Oxter's use of reverb is a perfect combination with the amazing mastering. Listen to the FLAC version for the optimal experience.
  15. Stardew Valley OST
    by ConcernedApe
  16. Circuithead
    by Kubbi
  17. 2012 Singles
    by Kubbi
    Motivation Motivation
    These songs are not part of a complete experience like Kubbi's newer albums, so you can pick a couple songs to listen to without missing out on the full experience. He also remade "Warm Hugs in Court" from Transmittance, but I still prefer the original.
  18. I dunno lol EP
    by Kubbi
    Panda aids Panda aids
    Very good album, very cheap. Pick it up for the song names alone. 10/10
  19. Transmittance
    by Kubbi
  20. Gas Powered EP
    by Kubbi
    Seahorse Dreams Seahorse Dreams
    This is a nice small album to chill out and listen to. All these songs are good but I still have a favorite one.