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  1. Full Closure and No Details
    by Gabriella Cohen
    Beaches Beaches
    There have been a lot of singers who share some similarities in their sound to Dylan or who have been hailed as "The new Dylan," but I've never heard someone really have the *spirit* Dylan had circa 1966 when he made Blonde on Blonde. Gabriella Cohen has that spirit. She's got a voice, a style, and an attitude all her own. But she shares that indefinable essence that only passes through a few artists and very rarely at that. Cohen is there, and she gets it.
  2. 2017 Demos from the Batcave
    by Charlyne Yi
    Waves (demo) Waves (demo)
    Charlyne Yi is one of the last truly innocent voices crying out softly and honestly from the depths of the machine. Her courage is inspiring. I think most songwriters hesitate to go to the places she goes to, or maybe just don't have the heart. Waves is pure heart, beautiful beyond words.
  3. The End of Comedy
    by Drugdealer
    Suddenly (feat. Weyes Blood) Suddenly (feat. Weyes Blood)
  4. Front Row Seat To Earth
    by Weyes Blood
    Be Free Be Free
    Natalie Mering is a 200,000 year old forest spirit living in the 21st century. If you happen to be on the planet while she's in human form, buy her records and understand how lucky you are.
  5. Another One
    by Mac DeMarco
    Another One Another One
    Mac DeMarco is a rare soul of pronounced extroversion and profound depth. Both "2" and "Salad Days" featured his trademark playfulness and detached, laconic delivery, but "Another One" has an earnestness and a sincerity all its own. The title track is withdrawn, vulnerable, almost defeated if not for DeMarco's cool delivery, which hints at a sort of lazy acceptance of the cruel realities of love. "Another One" is Mac's most beautiful song I feel. The whole record is superb.
  6. Lovely
    by Maia Spring
  7. Soft Stuff
    by Emily Yacina
    A Curse A Curse
    Emily Yacina's sound is soft and sensual; immediately gratifying, yet at the same time carries with it deep roots that stretch out: drawing water from both fertile ground and ethereal cloud.
  8. Resonant Body
    by Maggie Rogers
    The Earth Herself is singing; beautiful and powerful.
  9. Love remains
    by Jesus Gonzalez
    The beautiful force of nature expressed in one human singularity. This song is the sound of Love.