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  1. Streets of Rage
    by Streets of Rage
  2. Local Honey
    by Brian Fallon
  3. Where Maps End
    by Rainbow Danger Club
  4. Dig
    by Amythyst Kiah
  5. Amythyst Kiah And Her Chest of Glass
    by Amythyst Kiah & Her Chest of Glass
  6. Beam Beam Vol.1
    by Ruby Eyes Records
  7. Guren x Death to Giants: 27.6.2013
    by Guren & Death to Giants
  8. Extreme Lockdown
    by Various Artists from India
  9. Inlet
    by Hum
  10. To disappear and to be nothing
    by Witnesses
  11. BRAT
    by NNAMDÏ
  12. Black Plight
    by NNAMDÏ
  13. Take A Chance On Rock 'n' Roll
    by Couch Slut
  14. Flowers of the Revolution
    by Nahash
  15. A Tessitura of Transfiguration
    by Victory Over The Sun
  16. II
    by Uprising
  17. Ω - V
    by Ainsoph
  18. Reinventing The Eel
    by Vampire Squid
  19. Krupinské Ohne
    by Malokarpatan
  20. No One Wants To Speak About It
    by Adzes