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  1. Tromsø, Kaptein
    by Robyn Hitchcock
  2. Aspirant
    by Joseph Allred
    The Coyotes, The Sun The Coyotes, The Sun
  3. Three Feral Pieces
    by Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Nathan Salsburg, Max Porter
    Orbit Song Orbit Song
  4. The Sacrificial Code
    by Kali Malone
    Sacrificial Code (live in Hagakyrka) Sacrificial Code (live in Hagakyrka)
  5. Louder Than Thou
    by Elephant Micah
    Tin Foil Continent Tin Foil Continent
  6. What Happens When We Stop
    by Andrew Weathers Ensemble
    Southpaw Motherfucker Southpaw Motherfucker
  7. Music for Guitar & Patience
    by Le Berger
    fgaow-∏wrg fgaow-∏wrg
    by Laura Cannell
    Untethered Untethered
  9. Maybe Later
    by Neighbor Lady
    Wring Me Out Wring Me Out
  10. Time and Temperature
    by Judson Claiborne
    Tomorrow in the Morning (Blues for Malachi) Tomorrow in the Morning (Blues for Malachi)
  11. Jake Xerxes Fussell
    by Jake Xerxes Fussell
    Let Me Lose Let Me Lose
  12. A Mouth May Grow
    by red steppes
    Bodie Bodie
  13. Fish Eyes EP
    by Haley Heynderickx
    Fish Eyes Fish Eyes
    Paisley Underground for the 21st century. (Remember Opal? Yeah, THAT good!)

    Visceral, bluesy, psychedelic folk ballads that slip in with a twangy, coffee-house sensibility, and then unleash like brilliant exploding stars!

  14. Gemini Sisters
    by Gemini Sisters
  15. Vault of Angels
    by Medina / Walsh
    Salton Sea Salton Sea
  16. Plume
    by Gaze is Ghost
    Firefly Firefly
    Songs drifting out of a smoky Parisian nightclub - or just as easily a medieval abbey.

    Dusky and angelic, McGarrigle's often inscrutable whispers resolve into precise, surreal poetry.


  17. Musical Postcards
    by Bourgeois Heroes
    Rosamonde Rosamonde
    This is such a great disc, packed 6-for-6 with catchy baroque pop tunes that are smartly-written and creatively-instrumented. Just give it a spin – you can't help but enjoy!

  18. Nansemond
    by Nathan Bowles
    Golden Floaters/Hog Jank Golden Floaters/Hog Jank
  19. Birds EP
    by Toby Hay
    Curlew (part i) Curlew (part i)
    A lovely thematic suite that just keeps getting richer and more nuanced with each listening. Each short piece brims with color and intricacy, beautifully showcased by the warm and intimate recording.

    The namesake bird species are persuasively evoked – swirling murmurations of starlings; an exuberant raven; the wistful curlew, driven by the wind; a soaring kite drifting effortlessly in summer skies.

  20. The Black River
    by Elkhorn
    Spiritual Spiritual