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  1. Oviri
    by Jute Gyte
    Democritus Laughing Democritus Laughing
  2. I
    by Bufihimat
    He Saw Himself He Saw Himself
  3. To a Distant Shore
    by Wakefire
    Follow me up to Carlow Follow me up to Carlow
  4. Solitude
    by Jinsang
    Side A Side A
    These progressive lo-fi instrumentals are perfect chill-out music. The musical equivalent of relaxation, Jinsang's impressive ability to craft downtempo beats should be recognized in the hip hop community. If you like instrumentals by MF Doom, The Alchemist, and, dare I say, J Dilla, then please give Jinsang a spin.
  5. brother the lights don't work
    by the rutabega
    turn on the summer turn on the summer
    the rutabega is giving this album away for free?? Very generous, but after listening to this LP over and over again, it's only right to throw them a few bucks. I love all the tracks, but "turn on the summer" is just a special song. Get into them.
  6. BBNG2
    Flashing Lights Flashing Lights
    This is the album that made me fall in love with BBNG. So glad they put this record on Bandcamp. Hip hop and jazz fans alike can listen and appreciate BBNG's virtuosity when it comes to composition and improv.
  7. Fleshbox
    by Napalm Ted
    Meat Train Meat Train
    The only grind/punk band worth your money nowadays, Napalm Ted delivers another excellent set of kick-ass tracks. Fleshbox is another quality entry in their hardcore discography. Check it out.
  8. Floral Shoppe
    by Macintosh Plus
    ECCOと悪寒ダイビング ECCOと悪寒ダイビング
    If you appreciate an eccentric approach to electronic/plunderphonic music, Vektroid's MP side project is what you need. Floral Shoppe isn't for everyone, as vaporwave is an acquired taste; but, if you want to try the genre, FS is a great intro to this a e s t h e t i c.
    by Lardo
    Pedagogue Pedagogue
    One of my favorite albums of 2015, Lardo's "GUNMETAL EYES" is also one of the best recordings I've found on Bandcamp. Great post-hardcore is hard to find (in my opinion), and GUNMETAL EYES is one of the greatest examples of the genre in the 2010s. Mandatory listening.
  10. Matronly
    by Fake Limbs
    Grudge Wapner Grudge Wapner
    Finally, some great post-hardcore/noise rock in 2016. I liked Fake Limbs' "The Power of Patrician Upbringing", but the band outdoes themselves on "Matronly". Sonic bro-trolling at its finest.
  11. Into A Black Ooze
    by Napalm Ted
    Vegadeth Vegadeth
    I couldn't give much, because I recently lost my job, but Napalm Ted an amazing metal band that I cannot get enough of, and I'd hate to just download it for free. I loved last year's "Swallow", and "Into A Black Ooze" is another great album by this awesome group.
  12. Paroxysm
    by Deviant Process
    Persecution Persecution
    Unreal technical death metal. These guys from Quebec are masters of the genre. You won't hear guitars like these on any other album released in 2016.
    by ™century
    Excellent lo-fi relaxation music. I was surprised by how many times I listened to this project, so I figured I should buy it. Give it a listen.
  14. Oranged Out EP
    by Tyondai Braxton
    Hooper Delay Hooper Delay
    Tyondai consistently produces amazing experimental music, and Oranged Out is no exception. I love this EP, and the cause it supports is equally fantastic.
  15. Risk/Reward
    by Risk/Reward
    Easy on the Heart Easy on the Heart
    I got a job, so I could finally buy this album and stop listening for free on Bandcamp. Awesome rock music, especially the second half of the album.
  16. Open Mic Nights, Empty Bottle Mornings
    by Mike Maimone
    Not Waitin' Around Not Waitin' Around
    One of the greatest piano singer-songwriters out there. I love this album.
  17. Earth Songs
    by Dronny Darko & protoU
    Explosion [ 13.8 billion years ago ] Explosion [ 13.8 billion years ago ]
    Excellent ambient drone music. Lay back and immerse yourself in it.
  18. Swallow
    by Napalm Ted
    Napalm Jizzler Napalm Jizzler
    These guys out of Finland released perhaps the best grindcore album of the year. It's got the best elements of death metal and crust-punk, along with an infectious penchant for groove-laden composition. Side note: I definitely need one of those awesome buttons for my jacket.
    EDIT: It's 2016, and I still play this album on a weekly basis. Incredible grindcore. So glad this band exists.
  19. Desire Will Rot
    by Fuck The Facts
    Everywhere Yet Nowhere Everywhere Yet Nowhere
    It's fine.
  20. Polyhedrons
    by Tim Gray
    Pentahedron Pentahedron
    Therapeutic drone music. Gray's work with Polyhedrons has helped me concentrate in times when I lose focus. Wonderful pieces. Beautiful cassette, too.
  21. Welcome To Warp Zone! (4-Hour VGM Mix)
    by Nmesh
    World 10: Nightmare / Finale World 10: Nightmare / Finale
    Nmesh's Warp Zone is one of the wildest aural rides I've embarked on this year. It's the Moby Dick of nostalgic insanity. Love it.
  22. Roland
    by Minutes
    Against Your Will Against Your Will
    Everything about Minutes is addicting. Pick this up for the bass guitar lines alone. Seriously great stuff.
  23. VI: Flora
    by Botanist
    Gleditsia Gleditsia
    A truly unique album that somehow juxtaposes sonic warmth and bone-chilling cold. Not a dull moment throughout the record.
  24. Eunoia
    by Invalids
    Sherman Is Connector Sherman Is Connector
    Frenetic, playful, and flawless, Eunoia dazzles and amazes with blistering guitar, great melodies, and dynamic vocals. Worth every penny.