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  1. Soon To Be Absorbed
    by Paul Sadler
  2. Through Endless Darkness
    by Solemnity
  3. Sun Across The Fields
    by Black Harvest
  4. Reflections Upon Darkness
    by Rannoch
  5. Infinite Fields
    by Irreversible Mechanism
  6. Immersion
    by Irreversible Mechanism
    Exceptional. Irreversible Mechanism seem to be heading into an almost "Cynic" area of experimental metal, employing more ambient and electronic (almost synthwave on the opening track) sounds into the tech death arsenal found in the first album.
    Well worth your time.
  7. A Parting Gift
    by Spires
    In Black Ravines In Black Ravines
    Spires yet again display mastery of their craft. Complex songwriting encased in a sonically rich production, A Parting Gift will take many, many listens to peel away the layers and fully explore it's depths.
  8. Infinite Games
    by The Black Queen
  9. Zhongma
    by Shiro-Ishii
  10. Penance EP
    by Twilight's Embrace
  11. PSION - EP
    by PSION
  12. Attrition
    by Black Harvest
  13. Seekers
    by Beyond Grace
  14. Arcturian
    by Arcturus
  15. Shifting.negative
    by Aborym
  16. Boneyard
    by Ash (USA)
  17. Rape Crisis Actor
    by Crisis Actor
  18. Fever Daydream
    by The Black Queen
  19. Age of the Locust EP
    by Rannoch
  20. The Bad Old Days (CD)
    by Agonyst