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Ian Whulj

  1. Bainbridge Island, Washington
  2. Folk
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  1. Fish Eyes EP
    by Haley Heynderickx
    Fish Eyes Fish Eyes
    Paisley Underground for the 21st century. (Remember Opal? Yeah, THAT good!)

    Visceral, bluesy, psychedelic folk ballads that slip in with a twangy, coffee-house sensibility, and then unleash like brilliant exploding stars!

  2. Petite Soeur
    by Charles-Eric Charrier
    Toumimi Tatayé Toumimi Tatayé
  3. Io EP
    by Cricket Blue
    Kentucky Kentucky
    Out of just voices, guitars, strings, and creative brilliance, Cricket Blue fashions strikingly original and intelligent songs. Transcendent harmonies, elegant finger-picking, and bold juxtapositions of tempo are all handled masterfully. Beautifully and meaningfully, they flat out defy being categorized simply as “folk” music.

  4. Jake Xerxes Fussell
    by Jake Xerxes Fussell
    Let Me Lose Let Me Lose
  5. Vault of Angels
    by Medina / Walsh
    Salton Sea Salton Sea
  6. The Natural Selection Australian Songbook
    by Bush Gothic
    True Blue True Blue
    Traditional Aussie folk songs are treated to sumptuous reinventions. Jenny M. Thomas' virtuosic violin and sensuous vocals swing rapturously alongside double bass, drumkit, and string quartet. The production throughout is rich, clean, and modern.

    These songs simultaneously seem both brand new and yet deeply familiar. A delightful effect!

  7. Nansemond
    by Nathan Bowles
    Golden Floaters/Hog Jank Golden Floaters/Hog Jank
  8. Musical Postcards
    by Bourgeois Heroes
    Rosamonde Rosamonde
  9. Plume
    by Gaze is Ghost
    Firefly Firefly
    Songs drifting out of a smoky Parisian nightclub - or just as easily a medieval abbey. Tonal dreams with melodies that soar and swing like the gulls and surf of an autumn ocean.

    Ms. McGarrigle's voice is continuously shifting – angelic, dusky, lilting, haunted... Her inscrutable whispers resolving into precise, surreal poetry. It is all extraordinary!

  10. Impossible Truth
    by William Tyler
    The World Set Free The World Set Free
  11. Technology Is Killing Music
    by Rachel's
    Technology Is Killing Music Technology Is Killing Music
  12. North Fork of the Jump
    by Andrew Weathers
    Valley of the Dry Bones Valley of the Dry Bones
    Bold and reverby banjo melodies jostle and wander across gossamer organ landscapes.

    Strident yang and tender yin, the two tracks are contrasting and complimentary. Both are intoxicating and transfixing – an exceptional release.
  13. Come With Me Guest Version
    by peder
    "Candyman" feat. Coco "Candyman" feat. Coco
  14. Acres
    by Mike Dumovich
    Dumb Luck Dumb Luck
    Vashon Island, where these songs come from, lies only 15 miles from Bainbridge Island, where I live. Though rich in forests, farms and wild beaches, only once in 40 years have I taken the long, circuitous drive and ferry ride to get there.

    Still, it beckons from across gray waters, a vague form on the southern horizon. A familiar enigma. A poignant memory of future possibility.

    This album is a lot like that.

  15. Birds EP
    by Toby Hay
    Curlew (part i) Curlew (part i)
    A lovely thematic suite that just keeps getting richer and more nuanced with each listening. Each short piece brims with color and intricacy, beautifully showcased by the warm and intimate recording.

    The namesake bird species are persuasively evoked – swirling murmurations of starlings; a playful and exuberant raven; the elegant, wistful curlew, driven by the wind; and a soaring kite drifting effortlessly in summer skies.

  16. The Grand Magoozi
    by The Grand Magoozi
    Come On Come On
  17. Wishing Light Are on the Rise, That of the Flying, Cannot the Long Time Not Put & the Flight Not to Append the Foreign Body
    by R. Lee Dockery
    Endless Calm for Endless Night Endless Calm for Endless Night
  18. Through Glass Colored Roses: the best of The Green Pajamas
    by The Green Pajamas
    Death By Poisoning Death By Poisoning
    How was I in Seattle in the 90's, smoking a lot of pot, and hanging out with people who were fanatical about (then) hip music, and somehow miss this group?!

    Unabashedly melodic songwriting, awash in organ and chiming guitars. Probably closest to The Rain Parade, but sometimes leaning toward the whimsy of The Dukes of Stratosphear. Maybe too, some of Robyn Hitchcock's poppiest, Byrdsian material.

    If you're old enough, this collection should induce very pleasant flashbacks.

  19. Whales Of Wales
    by Whales Of Wales
    Krill Diet Krill Diet
  20. Kilim
    by James Toth
    Kilim Kilim
  21. Nocturnes & other songs Op.2
    by The Wooden Wolf
    She is like a song She is like a song
  22. Untitled Winter
    by Matteo Uggeri
    Solfeggio Nº 33 Solfeggio Nº 33
    An elegant, melancholic chamber score that retains a very organic feel despite the addition of many electronic details and recorded sounds. (Including even a gurgling commode.) Surprisingly, the filigree proves integral rather than gratuitous, wending among the somber structures of piano, strings, and a forlorn trumpet.

    Reminiscent at times of Pauline Oliveros, Rachel's, O Yuki Conjugate, and Fred Frith – fine company indeed!

  23. devolver
    by droneyard
    press rewind press rewind
  24. Colours
    by Aisha Belle
    Raindrops Raindrops
    Ethereal, pastoral, at times almost hymnal - elegaic, hypnotic, and occasionally Celtic.

    Meticulously looped soundscapes lush with innovative details, woven with vocals that are, in turns, both passionate and sublime.

    Recall Elizabeth Fraser or Lisa Gerrard's glorious, revelatory contributions to This Mortal Coil and you will not be disappointed.

  25. Purrer EP
    by Amanda Glasser
    The Tree That Bears The Golden Fruit The Tree That Bears The Golden Fruit
  26. If Music Presents: By The Sea... and Other Solitary Places
    by Annabel (lee)
    Breathe Us Breathe Us
  27. Observer Bias
    by Carla Sagan
    'Heroes of Space Travel' 'Heroes of Space Travel'
  28. Jitterbug b/w The Iceman/Kiva Ikva
    by Norwegian Arms
    The Iceman/Kiva Ikva The Iceman/Kiva Ikva
    Lively, resonant, rhythmically driven pop. Two strong tracks that could easily have been a single and B-side from Peter Gabriel's Us.

  29. The Great Unwinding
    by Ulaan Passerine
    Unwinding Unwinding
  30. gala.
    by nina gala
    born wet born wet
  31. Dionysus - EP
    by Apples & Eve
    Creatures of the Sea Creatures of the Sea
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  32. The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas
    by courtney barnett
    Are You Looking After Yourself? Are You Looking After Yourself?
  33. We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys
    by Judson Claiborne
    Doula Doula
    appears in 1 other collection
  34. Milky Way
    by Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop
    Milky Way Milky Way
  35. the bird \ the worm (double a-side single)
    by kathryn joseph
    the bird the bird
  36. Still Light, Outside
    by John Chantler
    Still Light, Outside Still Light, Outside
  37. We Came for Dinosaurs EP
    by We Came for Dinosaurs
    Underneath Underneath
  38. Sleep Paths
    by Seaworthy
    Sleep Paths Sleep Paths
  39. Tonnes / Years
    by Marta Mist
    Years Years
  40. "This Is Blues Hip-Hop" (2011)
    by Scarecrow
    Epilogue Epilogue
  41. A Season On The Line EP
    by Glen Hansard
    Let Me In Let Me In
  42. Kill it Yourself
    by Jess Ribeiro
    Hurry Back To Love Hurry Back To Love
  43. Ellerbee River Blues
    by Nathan Golub
    Ellerbee River Blues Ellerbee River Blues
  44. brilliant tedium
    by michael northam
  45. Urbana Champaign
    by Aleem Khan
    Marzipan Marzipan