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I Am The Polish Army

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  1. Manic Panic
    by Broken Baby
  2. Irrevery Volume I
    by Irrevery
  3. Broken Baby LP (2018)
    by Broken Baby
    Hello From the Other Side of Hell No Hello From the Other Side of Hell No
    Trust me when I say you need this album in your life. Quality guitar riffage and Karen O-like vocals so easy to sing along to. There's literally something for everyone - new wave lovers, classic metal lovers, dance pop, Blondie, QOTSA, LCD, you name it. And still it's their own damn thing.
  4. Every New Day
    by Holly Overton with Midnight People
  5. Bleaksploitation
    by Katie Von Schleicher
  6. Kids Know
    by Tuff Sunshine
  7. Half-Mast/Steadfast
    by Tuff Sunshine
    by ANOHNI
  9. The Little-Ease
    by Jumpers