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Piotr Hyzak

  1. Munich, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. Throne of Existential Abandonment
    by Abhorrent Castigation
  2. Shrouds Of Deceit
  3. Parasignosis
    by Mitochondrion
  4. Psychotonic Abnormal Dismemberment
    by Disfigurement Of Flesh
  5. Procedure Of Emasculation
    by Baalsebub
  6. Turbulent Biogenesis
    by ByoNoiseGenerator
  7. Origin Of Contempt
    by Gorged Bile
  8. Harvest Of Nauseating Remnants
    by Bowel Leakage
  9. Seas Of Rotting Vomit
    by Gurglectomy
  10. Enlightenment Through Narcotic Dissolution
    by Impulsive Gluttony
  11. Shrunken Heads Vertigo
    by Voracity
  12. Hymns Of Violence
    by Crud
  13. The Sickness Of The Holy Inquisition
    by Baalsebub
  14. Crush the Altar - Abhorrent Oblation
    by Crush the Altar
    See Mortality See Mortality
  15. Rhapsodies In Red
    by Disastrous Murmur
  16. Foetal Juice/Human Landfill Split
    by Foetal Juice
  17. The Murderous Inception (2018 Edition)
    by Gaped
  18. Gutter Perdition EP
    by Defenestration
  19. Genocidal Heresy
    by Defenestration
  20. Ordinary Violence demo
    by Defenestration
  21. Enthralled by Abysmal Delusion
    by Abhorrent Castigation
  22. Mental Hygiene
    by Internal Rot
  23. There Is No Hope
    by Endless Disease
  24. Black Plague Cult
    by Plague Monks
    appears in 1 other collection
  25. Invoking Lupine Bloodthirst
    by Lycanthropic Deathlust
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. detruire
  27. Above The Unworthy
    by Demiurgon
  28. The End Of All Life
    by Endless Disease
  29. Supreme Misanthropic Darkness
    by Endless Disease
  30. Hail the Coming End
    by Endless Disease
  31. The Insidious Poisons
    by Lurid Panacea
  32. Virtuous Chastity Hitched to the Whipping Post
    by Infernal Sacrament
  33. Militant Hyms of the Rebel Angel
    by Infernal Sacrament
  34. Dahmer - Dahmerized
    by Dahmer
  35. Paranoiac Hell
    by Relinquished
  36. Extinction Event
    by Relinquished
  37. Ruin Lust - Ruin Lust
    by RUIN LUST
  39. Gore From The Gutter
    by HEINOUS
  40. Ritual Zombi
    by AVULSED
  41. Altar of Disembowelment
    by AVULSED
  42. Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)
    by AVULSED
  43. Gorespattered Suicide
    by AVULSED
  44. Eminence in Putrescence
    by AVULSED
  45. The obedience to authority
    by Autokrator