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  1. Atlas
    by FM-84
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    Jupiter Jupiter
    My friend discovered "Atlas" last summer, and with the both of us being avid Synthwave fans, we blasted it in the car on our way to drive-in theaters and day-long road trips to the desert. It was our soundtrack to the past and our days of leisure. Aside from the fact that Atlas is pure golden Synthwave bliss, I love this album because it's so well-written, so bold and beautiful. I can only recommend that others give it a listen and hear for themselves.
  2. Death Dream
    by Trevor Something
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    Artificial Feelings Artificial Feelings
    "Death Dream" is the journey, the trip, the OD, the very essence of fear and unhinged desire. It's seamless, visceral, and raw in its delivery, taking the most vulnerable and intense human emotions and fearlessly displaying them for all to see. An incredibly mature and developed album, and one that only gets better with each listen.
  3. Synthetic Love LP
    by Trevor Something
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    Love You Again Love You Again
    Trevor Something skillfully weaves the woes of love, drugs, and heartbreak into a lucid, engrossing narrative through "Synthetic Love", coating the LP with his signature synthwave haze in the midst of the melancholy. With this album being a drug in and of itself, it'll be a while before I come down from the high of this album.
  4. Sunken Ships
    by Asbjørn
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    Hunger Hunger
    "Sunken Ships" is a stunning compilation of coming-of-age narratives that are lyrically powerful in both their honest simplicity and tender, eloquent metaphor. Seamless, mature, and thematically cohesive, this album is a nostalgic look into the past from Asbjørn's shoes. Here is a beautiful fusion of folk and pop, and a promising debut album.
  5. Pseudo Visions
    by Asbjørn
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    Tokyo Kyoto Tokyo Kyoto
    Let me be clear: there is no lackluster track in this album; each is unique and demands to be heard. Lyrically, "Pseudo Visions" pulls no punches, and contains some of the most poetic, tender confessions I've ever come across. Few artists expose themselves so freely like Asbjørn in this work, but this in part is what makes his music, and this album, so powerful.
  6. Beautiful Boys EP
    by Nova Heart
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    Beautiful Boys Beautiful Boys
    Nova Heart tracks always grasp my attention from the first note. There's a distinct, crisp aesthetic to their lounge beats that's bold in its execution and increasingly addicting as you listen -- a sort of mysterious, otherworldly element that makes the "Beautiful Boys EP" a remarkable piece of work worth giving a whirl.
  7. 末永く
    by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
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    s e x   i n   b o r n e o s e x   i n   b o r n e o
    Being one of the first t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 albums I ever listened to long ago, I was and remain absolutely in love with it. "末永く" tracks are distinct in their tunes, and easily allow these songs take on a life of their own through their upfront melodic leads, or fall back in a more subtle ambient fashion. One way or another, "末永く" will easily set and cement its mood wherever its played.
  8. 未来へ
    by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
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    新しい日 新しい日
    In spite of the cheery, seemingly celebratory samples in many parts of this album, 未来へ is often loaded with a sort of ambience I can only describe as melancholy and nostalgic. Whether intentional or not, I'm awed by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者's ability to nail down what I feel is the essence of a gilded world through the work of sound alone.
  9. Floral Shoppe
    by Macintosh Plus
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    ライブラリ ライブラリ
  10. Soulless Computer Boy and The Eternal Render
    by Trevor Something
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    Lost and Found Lost and Found
    Looking forward to this album!