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  1. Funny What Survives
    by Great Falls
  2. Lost
    by Life In Vacuum
    From the sound of the first single off the album LOST there is no quality dip from these guys, gonna be a blast circulating this with their other works.
    They got a sound few others seem to be able to match up to. Complex riffs, mathy drums, bass that actually has identity, full package. FFO: These Arms Are Snakes, Totally Unicorn, Other Half.
  3. Prolonging Anxiety
    by draw
    風に抗う Resist the Wind 風に抗う Resist the Wind
    It is strange how hard it is to find the sound you hold in your mind but exists half a planet away. DRAW is capturing something missing from modern post-hardcore and resembles "Slow Fire Pistol" or "Frail Body" in some ways. I hope they get quality recordings and a long catalog of songs to come. I can see this band playing along side "Vision of Fatima" and I'd be all about it.

  4. High Spirits//Low Life
    by Totally Unicorn
    Yeah, Coach Yeah, Coach
    Front to back this album is amazing, its a back flip into a pool while eating a burger you got for somehow for only 50 cents. Weekday Warrior wont let you stay sedative, I can't wait to share this as the "best thing I heard all week" at work. If you're reading this stop, play track 1 and turn up your volume mixer if on windows.
  5. Where Myth Becomes Memory
    by Rolo Tomassi
    To Resist Forgetting To Resist Forgetting
    It's a great feeling when a band you love tops their last release, but I honestly didn't think it possible for Rolo Tomassi. That said this album is sonically joyous beyond the realm of reasonable, and takes you everywhere you didn't know you needed to go. Congrats to the band, and all fans.
  6. Where Myth Becomes Memory
    by Rolo Tomassi
  7. Invisible Monsters EP
    by The Arson Choir
  8. Achilles
    by Achilles
    In Lights In Lights
    Honestly didn't know this existed... Once again, top tier writing all around. Underrated gets thrown around a lot these days, but all I can say is Achilles is dominating my personal scene.
    Here's hoping some solid merch goes up, I'm all in.
  9. A Sense of Rest
    by Great Falls
    We Speak In Lowercase We Speak In Lowercase
    As a longtime fan of Kiss it Goodbye and Playing Enemy, I bout lost my mind when I discovered that Great Falls exists.
    A Sense of Rest is the exact kind of sensory give-way, I've been seeking for over a decade.
    Too much of my recommended for you playlists are made up of cut and paste paper chain bands that could all claim plagiarism if they weren't all already monozygotics.
  10. Pulses
    by Old Lung
    Pulses Pulses
    This whole EP is a jam. Looking forward to hearing more.
    This sound is obscure and a gift in an ocean of mediocrity.
  11. Pikselhjerte OST
    by Kubbi
  12. Chainsaw Mascara/Short Drop
    by Sculbit Necklace
    Short Drop Short Drop
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  13. 10 Years Of Fake History
    by letlive.
  14. 10 Years Of Fake History
    by letlive.
  15. 10 Years Of Fake History
    by letlive.
  16. Love Riddled With Conditions
    by Slow Fire Pistol
    A Love That Leaves You With Nothing A Love That Leaves You With Nothing
    I can't express how much this band just nails it.... no words do it justice.
    Its such a damn good time and I can't help but repeat their catalog constantly.
  17. All You Can Quit
    by Life In Vacuum
    Champion Champion
    Apartment caught my ear, and suddenly it was like I was transported to 2010 when I found out These Arms are Snakes were calling it quits. There was a certain energy from Live in Vacuum that I hadn't heard captured anywhere else, and gods how I missed it.
    Another album of pure gold where not one thing is out of place and every single song makes you move.
    Cheers to the future, and a long and prosperous catalog.
  18. Meditations In Affinity : BOND
    by Life In Vacuum
  19. We Already Lost The World
    by Birds In Row
    Remember Us Better Than We Are Remember Us Better Than We Are
    While listening to Converge one day some how a search result or something put "Birds in Row" in front of me and suddenly I was obsessed. Incredible music, and after watching about every live performance I could find online and drumming along at home for months, I finally broke free of the hold this album had on me but only because through Birds in Row I found Life in Vacuum (tour mates), and I almost wanted to start listening to both at the same time... ridiculous!
  20. Ghost City
    by Delta Sleep
    El Pastor El Pastor
    The anticipation for this album was so high, from the Sultan's of Ping teaser all the way up to release date, all one could do is patiently count down.
    What a pay off... 11 songs of perfection, not one song gets skipped. You can play this record front to back and never get bored.
    The only bummer is now we have to wait for expanded tour schedules or settle for hopefully more video/live performance uploads.
    Also, Dotwork... I see what you did there, otsukaresama deshita.