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  1. Buffalo, New York
  2. Metal
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  1. Bog Oak Haunting
    by Black Candle Wax
  2. Hidden Throne of Valor
    by Druad
  3. Come and See
    by Mamaleek
  4. Archaic Conifer Realms (Demo I)
    by Viridescent Funeral
  5. WC019 Bleak Exit
    by Bleak Exit
  6. WC009 The Malcontent
    by Pyracantha
  7. WC033 Demo III
    by Bleeding Shroud
    Semele Semele
    Shattered improv of torment and misery. Static bursts among rough and raw cut vocals, tearing into the distorted guitars. Artwork fits so well to this. Bleak and unique.
  8. WC024 Elysian forest
    by Algid Funeral
  9. WC013 Hezrou
    by Hezrou
  10. WC005 Visions Of Ruination
    by Decarabia / Tahazu
  11. WC021 Untitled 2
    by UA
  12. WC016
    by UA
  13. WC000 Split
    by Sunspell / Hag Graef
  14. WC035 Unyielding Devotion to the Lights Essence
    by Seed of Avet
  15. WC017 True Light
    by Sunspell
  16. WC029 - I
    by Dodmorke
  17. WC018 Chaînes d'Esclaves
    by UA
  18. Memento Mori
    by Sunspell
  19. WC012 Elegies To The Freezing Sky
    by Glacium
  20. WC011 Haustið, Trúarturninn
    by Ramihrdus / Tahazu