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  1. Untrodden Soil
    by SKYENCE
    Polaroid Polaroid
    cleanse aesthetic
    by GODDESS
    Swamps Swamps
    peaceful, transient, wonderful album to keep focus. mood
    by kyonpalm
  4. The Eternal Son
    by Rivers & Robots
  5. Oddepoxy
    Fickle Author Fickle Author
    This is simply dripping with a special kind of nostalgia. Long time listener of this album. Cicadas and View for Two are also my favs. Guitar riffs, synth effects.. the ever raw drums. Oddepoxy has come a long way and still has it!! Much love!
  6. KoKoro
    by El Perro Del Mar
  7. Shadow Mountain
    by Marco Vella x Kyle Jorgensen
    by kyonpalm
  9. Laid Out EP
    by Shlohmo
  10. Wilderness
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
  11. iamforest LP
    by iamforest
    Driven Out Driven Out
    This whole album just rolls so well from track to track. It's one complete artwork that deserves to played through from beginning to end. The vinyl is gorgeous, to boot. Crystal Gypsy is a good contender for my favorite track, but when Driven Out starts playing I can't help but get so pumped up!! (even though it is an older piece not exclusive to this album)
  12. Dusk
    by Man Watching the Stars
  13. Lush Artifact (DATA039)
    by MisfitChris
  14. Impression (single)
    by Gold Beach
  15. Congratulations, You've Won
    by Snowfall Tapes
    Eureka - Guatemala Cap (Pitched Into The Garbage) Eureka - Guatemala Cap (Pitched Into The Garbage)
    This is focus juice for your concentration. Low-fi vibes really hit the spot for spacy mind. Played through entire album every day for a good while now. Had to get the cassette!
  16. 01 [Red]
    by Stenorette
  17. 02 [Cyan]
    by Stenorette
  18. 03 [Green]
    by Stenorette
  19. 04 [Magenta]
    by Stenorette
  20. 05 [Blue]
    by Stenorette