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  1. Leprous Daylight
    by Fossilization
    Once Was God Once Was God
  2. Of The Sign...
    Orthodox Weapons Orthodox Weapons
  3. Wind, Breeze, or Breath
    by STARER
  4. Fervor
    by Eave
  5. The Katechon and the Unending Fire
  6. I
    by Blood Abscission
    I - V I - V
  7. Conveyance in Death
    by RHÛN
    Morningstar Morningstar
  8. Present Tense
    by FACS
  9. Still Life In Decay
    by FACS
  10. Good Living Is Coming For You
    by Sweeping Promises
  11. Whenever Forever
    by Friko
  12. Claustrum
    by Claustrum
    Zombi Rats Zombi Rats
  13. Morsch
    by Morsch
  14. Cosmosphere
    by Dione
  15. Cavern of Inoculated Cognition
    by Spinebreaker
  16. Two Step To Hell
    by Chain Whip
    Laguna Bleach Laguna Bleach
  17. Eloquent Requiems of Necrotic Decadence
    by Caustic Vomit
  18. Nameless Inner Fear
    by Cemetery Shade
  19. Against Leviathan!
    by Bonjour Tristesse
  20. Darkness Come Alive
    by Doomriders