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  1. Frog and the Volcano!
    by Frog Pocket
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    Crow Hill Jig Crow Hill Jig
    Since I discovered Gonglot, I've been a huge fan of Frog Pocket and his affiliated aliases. He stands out from other musicians in his genre not just in terms of talent and creativity, but in the amount of depth and emotion that he puts into his music. Playful and energetic, mournful and haunting, each track is just as lush and beautiful as the last.
    This album in particular was simultaneously the easiest and most challenging I've had the pleasure of listening to.
  2. Salon Pus
    by Sheriff Ramb
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    Happy Shapes Happy Shapes
    Nostalgia in drone form. Jams that harken back to days that tasted like Bubble Jug, Ritz Bits and Dimetapp, felt like sunshine and cuts on the corners of your mouth from ice pops, looked like Wacky Pack Stickers and Goosebumps books. Bittersweet is an overused term but it seems to fit. Purple emotion practically oozes from its pores, evoking that feeling only 90's kids will remember. Also, I tried to forget about Gooey Gus. God damn it. Anyway, looking forward to FOOD PYRAMID this summer.
  3. Narrominded Split LP Series #2
    by Hydrus / Kettel
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    Waking Up Early Waking Up Early
    The lovely contrast between the serious tones of Hydrus and the playful airiness of Kettel compliment each other nicely. A night drive through the city, followed by a day trip out into the countryside.
  4. My Dogan
    by Kettel
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    Mauerbrecher Mauerbrecher
    Essential Kettel and a good introduction into his music. Even at 18 tracks, it never feels like it outstays its welcome. On the contrary, I get a sense of sadness when Escape From ETA rolls around because I know the journey will soon come to an end. It's bouncy and playful in tracks like Follow Me! and Mauerbrecher, then reflective and melancholic in Halt Him and Choo Choo India. It is an all around perfect album.
  5. 新しい日の誕生
    by 2814
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    真実の恋 真実の恋
    It might be one of the best ambient albums I've ever heard. The lush and meditative melodies are perfect, carrying the theme of a damp, urban setting. Like a walk down a busy street or an evening alone in your apartment, watching the rain from the comfort of your bed, it's drenched in yearning and melancholy.
  6. Avalon Vales
    by Lauren Bousfield
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    Audkyrie Audkyrie
    Lauren has a unique style that sets her apart from her previous work on NDaD that sounds familiar but sounds so much different. It's refreshing in a way and very exciting to experience. Pulling Down Palm Trees and Audkyrie are exhilarating to listen to and Ascending Hands is one of the most haunting tracks I've heard. Sends chills up my spine with each listen.
  7. Sweatbox Dynasty
    by TOBACCO
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    Fantasy Trash Wave Fantasy Trash Wave
    The music you will hear sounds like it came from an old, cracked cassette tape that had been baking inside a nicotine-stained boom box over many sweltering hot summers in someone's garage. It's dusty and greasy and abrasive and altogether perfect. Fantastic album.
  8. Hyphae
    by Skytree
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    Chequamegon Chequamegon
    A wild and jagged and wonderful experience. It blends a mystical elixir of folk and IDM with wistful guitars, crunchy percussion, and a handful of birds and water, leaves and wind. On par with the likes of Frog Pocket and Ochre and still a totally unique experience. Chequamegon is a triumph and Stomata Spirit carries you away.
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Listen, I know that vaporwave is just slowed down music. My boyfriend even asked me why 'I didn't just listen to the original music if I liked it so much'. The reason I'm drawn to this particular album is how it's presented. It's typical vaporwave but the nostalgic vibes are cogent, well realized and nicely structured. There are moments of sincerity followed by cheeky bits like the LBT sample being followed up with 'Walk the Dinosaur'. It's strangely danceable and addictive.
    by Eco Virtual
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    Gradient Winds Gradient Winds
    And now your Weather on the 8's.
  11. Odyssey
    by HOME
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    Oort Cloud Oort Cloud
    Heavy, pulsing beats and jazzy synths make for an amazing listening experience. Reminiscent of Com Truise and Daft Punk.