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  1. Look At This! Ha ha ha! (2003)
    by Kettel
    Twinkle Twinkle That Is You Twinkle Twinkle That Is You
    One of my favorite albums of all time. Kettel is able to breathe life into his music in a way few can. The melodies are vibrant, sounding like a chorus of weird birds or musical instruments that never existed! The beats feel organic, the music overall feels homegrown and cultivated from a garden. Twinkle Twinkle That Is You is a treasure, Philiphill Timee is a masterpiece, and Guru Lost Riddle is absolutely exhilarating. I hope one day Red Pear and Brother Max will be up on Bandcamp as well.
  2. Frog and the Volcano!
    by Frog Pocket
    Crow Hill Jig Crow Hill Jig
    Since I discovered Gonglot, I've been a huge fan of Frog Pocket and his affiliated aliases. He stands out from other musicians in his genre not just in terms of talent and creativity, but in the amount of depth and emotion that he puts into his music. Playful and energetic, mournful and haunting, each track is just as lush and beautiful as the last.
    This album in particular was simultaneously the easiest and most challenging I've had the pleasure of listening to.
  3. Salon Pus
    by Mason Guerrero
    Happy Shapes Happy Shapes
    Nostalgia in drone form. Jams that harken back to days that tasted like Bubble Jug, Ritz Bits and Dimetapp, felt like sunshine and cuts on the corners of your mouth from ice pops, looked like Wacky Pack Stickers and Goosebumps books. Bittersweet is an overused term but it seems to fit. Purple emotion practically oozes from its pores, evoking that feeling only 90's kids will remember. Also, I tried to forget about Gooey Gus. God damn it. Anyway, looking forward to FOOD PYRAMID this summer.
  4. My Dogan
    by Kettel
    Mauerbrecher Mauerbrecher
    Essential Kettel and a good introduction into his music. Even at 18 tracks, it never feels like it outstays its welcome. On the contrary, I get a sense of sadness when Escape From ETA rolls around because I know the journey will soon come to an end. It's bouncy and playful in tracks like Follow Me! and Mauerbrecher, then reflective and melancholic in Halt Him and Choo Choo India. It is an all around perfect album.
  5. Proteus
    by ArtFluids
    Good Morning WinkyVille Good Morning WinkyVille
    Some of the best sounding retro synths I've heard in a long while, like soundtracks to long forgotten or non-existent PC Games from the 90's into the early 00's. Each track has its own personality, from the jazzy cyberpunk of Promethius and Raspberry Trash, to the intrepid exploration and attitude of Avoc Cado and Bebop Deluxe, to the plucky charm of Good Morning WinkyVille. A fantastic album that doesn't lose steam or run out of energy, like the perfect side scroller or edutainment game.
  6. E C C O I S L A N D S
    by P A T H S パス
    s h o r e l i n e s h o r e l i n e
    This is among my favorite ambient vaporwave albums for its dreamy, tropical atmosphere that feels both real and artificial at the same time. Like being stranded on a secluded island and discovering that it was actually just a Rainforest Cafe that you got locked in overnight. Tracks like j u n g l e and c o c o n u t are tense and mysterious, like a journey through the wild foliage of a jungle while e c c o i s l a n d and s h o r e l i n e feel warm and humid like a relaxing day trip at a spa.
  7. Panic Blooms
    by Black Moth Super Rainbow
    Sunset Curses Sunset Curses
    BSMR always manages to subvert my expectations and release something I'm never prepared for. Stripped down and more minimalist from Cobra Juicy, it seems to go all the way back to their SSC days, especially with the Beat of a Creeper track. It opens with the crawling of a funeral organ to set the mood for the rest of the album. The last three tracks are an emotional triple-hit both lyrically and instrumentally. The most somber and darkest I've heard them go. I need a little more sunshine...
  8. Revolution of Roses
    by Jordan Anderson
    The Theologian The Theologian
    One of the best albums I've had the pleasure of discovering on this website. They've combined beautiful ambient synths with rapid breakbeats. I love the warmth from tracks like Four Wynds, I adore the simple and aching ambience of Witch Mark, and the skittering snares and haunting atmosphere of The Entombment. Perfect, wonderful, and needs more recognition.
  9. Kids
    by The Midnight
    America 2 America 2
    The Midnight forgoes the maturity of the saxophone for an entirely synth based journey that explores the indelibility of the past, the impermanence of the present, and the absence of a future for the younger generations. We struggle to make connections with one another and yearn to be understood, to carve our own place in the world and the future while still clinging to our nostalgia and memories of simpler times.
  10. Vacant Places
    by Hantasi
    Bookstore Bookstore
    Standing in stark contrast to 猫 シ Corp.'s 'Palm Mall', Hantasi gives us an album about dead malls. Jaunty, lively muzak is given the most subtle of treatment and yet it invokes a powerful sense of dread and isolation. The mall is dead and you are alone in it, standing in the dim food court surrounded by dead ferns and potted plants, cracked tiles, and empty, dusty tables.
  11. Swing Tournament
    by US Golf 95
    人間 Nature 人間 Nature
    The album cover immediately intrigued me when it was dropped on Business Casual. It's now become one of my favorite vaporwave albums and I'm proud to finally own it on vinyl. Simple and almost minimalist ambient synths guide you on a lush green course from a fictional 90s golf simulator. Each transient track is its own level, with environments, hazards, and personality.
  12. All Hail West Texas (Remastered)
    by The Mountain Goats
    Riches and Wonders Riches and Wonders
    AHWT is about exactly what it says on the tin. It's about people, or rather humanity as seen by JD's compassionate storyteller. It explores its characters in brief vignettes about failed dreams, the highs and lows of love, the importance of community, and the depths of solitude; all told against the ruminative hum of a Panasonic RX-FT500.
  13. Days of Thunder
    by The Midnight
    Los Angeles Los Angeles
    I had the fortune of seeing The Midnight perform live in the autumn of 2019 where they opened with The Years and closed with Lost Angeles. I had Endless Summer, Kids, and Nocturnal but hadn't listened to this album yet. It was my first time hearing Los Angeles and hearing it performed live felt like that was how it was always meant to be heard. It moved me to tears. When this quarantine is over, I hope I can see them perform again.
  14. Hired Goons
    by Mason Guerrero
    Laminated! Laminated!
    Goons sat in a zip file in my downloads folder for a while even after listening to the album a few times online. I suppose I was waiting for a special occasion to open it and give the whole album the attention it deserves. Or maybe I was nervous it wouldn't live up to Salon Pus. I feel stupid for putting it off for so long because it is a listening experience that rivals its predecessor. Every chaotic, gooey, squelchy, and abrasive moment feels meticulously structured and crafted.
  15. Pantechnocracy and the Inevitable Apocalypse
    by Vacation Bible School
    t h e _ d a y _ o f _ t h e _ l o r d t h e _ d a y _ o f _ t h e _ l o r d
    A gleeful album about the ending of civilization that is more terrifying than fun. It fearlessly revels in the End Times; or at least the perceived notion of what the End Times are, just as many people have done and will continue to do. As Jesus had said, "...But see to it that you are not alarmed. These things must happen but the end is still to come." VBS's use of samples is superb as always, lending to the idea of one last apocalyptic celebration before the impending Day of The Lord.
  16. 2164 Kmart Revisited
    by Princess Commodore 64
    relics of the past in aisle 12 relics of the past in aisle 12
    I remember the slow deterioration of my local K-Mart. Each time I came in after weeks or months of absence there was always something missing or worse. Things stopped being cleaned and repaired. They got rid of the Cafe with their fries and slushees. Everything was on sale. Shelves were bare, And then: they were gone. All of this was foretold by the graffiti scrawled on a pillar out front: "Wal-Mart is better"
  17. Clearance Sale
    by Sport3000
    「Empty Parking Garage」 「Empty Parking Garage」
    A fantastic concept for a mallsoft album! The birth and death of a mall, the music gradually glitching and growing darker and quieter as it nears the end to show the decay leading up to the mall's last days. 「Final Day」 ends almost halfway through, like no one showed up for the last day so they shut everything off and left early. And the haunting rumble of 「Closed Forever」 still leave me paranoid and the hairs on my neck standing up.
  18. Ideality
    by OSC
    It Starts With A Chip It Starts With A Chip
    A fine, jazzy synth record that stands out among the rest. I mean, I knew I had to have it after seeing the gorgeous purple and black spattered vinyl. It was an instant buy for me, obviously. The music itself is worth the price alone as well. Slick beats and a punchy bass, smooth, dynamic melodies persist through the whole album. Sometimes vibrant and adventurous, sometimes wistful and nostalgic, always a great album to listen to on repeat.
  19. Cylobian Sunset
    by Cylob
    Bazfoul Bazfoul
    A gorgeous collection of 90s IDM and ambient music. Every track on this album is brimming with personality; from the skittering beats and frightened and feral melody of Ofid, to the simple but heart aching ambiance of Foid, to the cinematic closer Cyclobian Sunset. Synek and Diof sound like tracks straight out of AFX's brain with their mischievous melodies and rolling beats. And the lush synths and rampageous beats on Bazfoul are truly something to behold.
  20. Sweatbox Dynasty
    by TOBACCO
    Fantasy Trash Wave Fantasy Trash Wave
    The music you will hear sounds like it came from an old, cracked cassette tape that had been baking inside a nicotine-stained boom box over many sweltering hot summers in someone's garage. It's dusty and greasy and abrasive and altogether perfect. Fantastic album.