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  1. Sommertrip
    by Frozen Starfall
    Sommertrip (feat. Selphius) Sommertrip (feat. Selphius)
  2. Spirit Realm
    by Mac Bandit
    Everybody Comes Here Eventually Everybody Comes Here Eventually
  3. Chases 2
    Gran Turismo Gran Turismo
  4. U Melt Me
    by Fla.mingo
    U Melt Me U Melt Me
  5. Beach Babes & Vapor Waves
    by クリスタルKITSUNE
    🌊Oceansideロマンス 🌊Oceansideロマンス
  6. sungazer vol. 2
    by sungazer
    Drunk Drunk
  7. Ego Depletion
    by an0va
    ego depletion ego depletion
  8. テレパシーの
    by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and 猫 シ Corp.
    真夜中の後に愛 真夜中の後に愛
  9. Highly Responsive to FM
    by +TEK
  10. I + II
    by Ulk
    Tortoise I Tortoise I
    What a fun song. "Slow" but exhilarating!
  11. Monstercat 016 - Expedition
    by Monstercat
    Once Again Once Again
  12. Rise
    by MDK (Morgan David King)
    MDK & Daniel Tera - Moonshine MDK & Daniel Tera - Moonshine
  13. Jelly Castle
    by MDK (Morgan David King)
  14. Boys On Boards
    by OSC
  15. Magenta Nights
    by Ace Buchannon
    Buns of Steel Buns of Steel
    This song smacks! What a jam!<3
  16. Lovestory
    by Desired
    All I Need All I Need
  17. Girls On Bikes
    by OSC
    Girls On Bikes Girls On Bikes
  18. Vapor Session 1
    by OSC
    Cycles At Sundown [Vapor Edit] Cycles At Sundown [Vapor Edit]
  19. Dangerous Days
    Future Club Future Club
  20. ビーチガール (D e l u x e E d i t i o n)
    by playmateジェットセッター
    beach curlsビーチカール beach curlsビーチカール
    by VHS Glitch
    Infected By The Church Of Darkness Infected By The Church Of Darkness
  22. Summer Vibin
    by Vantage
    Summer Heat Summer Heat
  23. One Hundred Mornings
    by Windows96
    Caligula Caligula
  24. Hypnagogia
    by Dan Mason
    Insomnia Insomnia
  25. Pink Dance EP ピンクのダンス
    by Future Girlfriend
    Crazy Nights 狂気夜 Crazy Nights 狂気夜
  26. Pure Baby Maker [Rewind]
    by Night Tempo
    I Can't Stop The Loneliness! I Can't Stop The Loneliness!
  27. Neoncity Cruise
    by Neoncity Records
    Macross 82-99 - Big City Nights Macross 82-99 - Big City Nights
  28. カタカナ・タイトル + Kanji Title (Double EP)
    by TANUKI
    Radiant Memories Radiant Memories
  29. Nineteen + Memory Tape
    by Desired
    secret senshi secret senshi
  30. Miracle Romance!
    by うさこ // kotu
    I wanna be with you! I wanna be with you!
  31. The Uncanny Valley
    Disco Inferno Disco Inferno