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  1. Machine Guns and Peacock Feathers (Carpenter Brut Remix)
    by Ulver
  2. Another World
    by Light Field Reverie
    yep that's some cool music right there
  3. Faded Touch
    by Timecop1983
  4. Menhir
    by Thurnin
    Emanations of divinity...
  5. Amends
    by Grey Daze
  6. Einderlicht
    by Marche Funèbre
  7. Fab Tool feat David Eugene Edwards
    by Carpenter Brut
    wow what a crossover!
  8. Maere
    by Harakiri for the Sky
    Completely love the music and compositions of Harakiri, but I've always taken issue with the vocals and lyrics. The tone is just okay, and the lyrics, while sincere, seem to come from someone who isn't a poet at heart. They are just words without a poet's perspective of the world, which means they are ultimately shallow.
  9. Bend & Break (feat. Ollie Wride)
    by FM-84
  10. Atlas
    by FM-84
    yep I've fallen into the synthwave and I can't get out
  11. Night Drive
    by Timecop1983
    looks like i'm into snthwave now
  12. Cruel Hearts Club
    by Paradise Walk
  13. Flowers of Evil
    by Ulver
    okay fine Ulver wins. I didn't like the album when it came out. now I do. its a really sweet album, love it. Still hate the cover though, even though it comes from a good film
  14. The Dark Night of the Soul
    by Jonathan Hultén
    Anguished Are the Young Anguished Are the Young
    A prelude, a taste, a demonstration of what would come on Chants from Another Place. All the things that make Jonathan Hulten great can be found on this EP, but it is nothing in comparison to the beautiful LP.
  15. Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays
    by Empyrium
    I first started listening to Enpyrium in 2006. All their early albums have a special place in my heart, but this one resonates with me like no other (along with Weiland). It is just so soothing, especially on vinyl.
  16. Im Morgengrauen
    by walden
  17. The Last Cruise
    by Yenisei
    It's very difficult to find original post-rock, but Yenisei do it here masterfully.
  18. Through Shaded Woods (Deluxe Edition)
    by Lunatic Soul
    The most expensive digital album I own, because the vinyl was unavailable. the quality of this release is incredibly high, and the purchase was worth it for my soul.
  19. The Sun EP
    by Cambrian Explosion
  20. The Moon EP
    by Cambrian Explosion