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  1. King Cat
    by MAHOM
  2. Le Savoir Faire
    by L'Entourloop
  3. Soulapowa
    by Awon
  4. Soul Kitchen b/w The Changeling
    by Djar One
  5. Avantdale Bowling Club
    by Avantdale Bowling Club
  6. Soul Food
  7. Grande Giocatore
    by Lipka
  8. Project 0
    by Chester Watson
  9. Canibal Dandies
    by Canibal Dandies
  10. canibal dandies 2
    by Canibal Dandies
  11. La Fine Equipe & Friends: La Boulangerie 10 Years Box
    by La Fine Equipe
  12. Tohu Bohu
    by Rone
  13. Sinner's Syndrome
    by Moderator
  14. The World Within LP (Vinyl Release)
    by Moderator
  15. Rap Album Two
    by Jonwayne
  16. Tuur mang Welten
    by Niklas Paschburg
  17. Sauvage
    by Fakear
  18. Nomade
    by Jumo
  19. Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2
    by Various Artists
  20. L'Entourloop - Chickens in your town
    by L'Entourloop
  21. It's Nice Outside
    by Anti-Lilly & Phoniks
  22. Inébranlable
    by Ri1k2
  23. Los enfoiros (feat Dooz Kawa)
    by Ri1k2
  24. La cruauté tranquille du quotidien suffit
    by Lautrec
  25. Flat Reality LP
    by somehowArt
  26. Bagatelle
    by Degiheugi
  27. Smokid INC. (EP - 2015)
    by Smokey Joe & The Kid
  28. The World Within (Vinyl Edition)
    by Moderator
    Words Remain Words Remain
  29. How Are You?
    by Mounika.
  30. Tales of Another Direction LP
    by Various Artists
    Renegades Of Jazz - Melted Snow (Hugo Kant Remix) Renegades Of Jazz - Melted Snow (Hugo Kant Remix)
  31. 'Lisn (Download by donation)
    by Daniel Waples & Friends
    Petit Son Petit Son
  32. No Sucka MCs Contest
    by Token