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  1. Epiphany
    by Napoleon
    Epiphany Epiphany
    Easily the best album I've listened to since their debut. I honestly feel bad for every other band for not being able to achieve the pure masterful musicality only this band seems to be capable of. Intricate melodies that perfectly intertwine with a hard groove, that both makes this album more accessible and more rhythmically stimulating than Newborn Mind. Everything I could ever want from an album is right here.
  2. eistla
    by r beny
    eistla eistla
    My pick for best ambient album this year, with his last EP at a close second. The pure ethereal soundscapes presented here are truly awe inspiring. I feel something with this record that too few ambient records have provided as of late. Will definitely be on my rotation for a while.
  3. Skylight
    by Pinegrove
  4. How Fleeting, How Fragile
    by Time, The Valuator
    Fugitive Fugitive
    What can I say... This absolute masterpiece has to be one of my new favorite albums ever. The impeccably dynamic and careful production, awe-inspiring level of ambiance, unique and gorgeously technical guitar leads, vocals that sound like an audio form of ecstasy, heavenly synth work, and feature from the vocalist of one of the best modern metal bands (Novelists) are just a few reasons I love this album. Please buy this if you have any amount of sanity.
  5. Distant
    by Stalgic
    Seriously the catchiest modern emo/indie rock around right now. The production suits their sound perfectly, I'm so excited to see more from these guys.
  6. My Heart Still Goes On
    by Falling Asleep
    Masquerade (feat. Niik) Masquerade (feat. Niik)
    Fantastic melodic album. Lots of catchy chord progressions and breakdowns that really hit. This is a great all around record for those who like melodic hardcore and metalcore.
  7. The Shape Of Things To Come
    by First Signs Of Frost
    White Flag White Flag
    Impeccable musicianship, awe inspiring instrumentation, delightful vocal presentation, truly a finely crafted work of art that deserves to be heard by anyone who calls themselves a music fan. My only ONE gripe is that the vocals sound like they were recorded through a telephone from the 80's, what's up with that? Otherwise, amazing work.
  8. Circa '94
    by liveconformdie
    Yellow Jacket Yellow Jacket
    Some of the most unique nu-metalcore I've heard in a while. A huge step up from their last release imo. Dirty riffs and lots of funky cleans, just how I like my nu-metal.
  9. Roots
    by LSB
    Space Between Space Between
    Gorgeous atmosphere throughout. Very high quality DnB for just zoning out and letting it take you.
  10. When The Morning Comes
    by FollowTheSunrise
    It's hard to describe their sound. It's almost like Silversun Pickups and Architects had a kid. Very open and melodic, but still cuts through with tight riffs. Promising and pleasant sounds!
  11. Alternations - EP
    by Alternations
    Ideal Way Ideal Way
    Really sweet metalcore with plenty of crazy riffs. Reminds me of one of my favorite Japanese bands Abstracts. Definitely some really cool ideas here.
  12. Saved
    by Now, Now
    Window Window
    Incredible band that makes me proud they're from my same city. The change of sound from melo-indie rock to more pop inspired approach was a good one. Each melody is so well crafted and the pure simple yet layered beauty of each song makes this album one of the best of the year.
  13. Unloved
    by Frontierer
    Tumoric Tumoric
    Now why would anyone NOT pay for this??? Fronterier is the source of all life, you must pay respect.
  14. Visions of Inner Depth
    by By The Thousands
    Despondency Despondency
    So much groove, a more diverse sound, unique vocal melodies, fantastic production, and all around the nicest people. One of the best bands in my scene, you cannot miss this.
  15. errorzone
    rebirth protocol rebirth protocol
    Edit: After hearing it in full, this is one of the greatest hardcore albums ever written. Holy christ...
    I can't find anyone that does modern nu-metal/hardcore better right now, and with Will Putney at the helm of production, this album is going to be one the year's best.
  16. Moe Moe
    by Moe Shop
    Magic (w/ MYLK) Magic (w/ MYLK)
    Can this be the soundtrack of my life? I just want to dance in the streets with a giant group of random people when I listen to this. The happy feelings are infectious.
    by Crooks
    I know it seems they're working on new material, but where are they??? This group is a life changer. The beautifully haunting guitar work, awe inspiring hyperactive punk drumming, and unparalleled emotionally heavy vocals that this band constantly delivers is truly in a tier of its own. I love this band with all my soul.
  18. gay story
    by In Love With A Ghost
    feeling empty inside because there's no more spaghetti feeling empty inside because there's no more spaghetti
    The perfect thing to wake up to, the perfect thing to get things done to, the perfect thing to fall asleep to, repeat again and again.
  19. VREATH 2
    by VREATH
    Endless (feat.GUMI) Endless (feat.GUMI)
    Such an awesome vocaloid album. The chord progression on Endless is so beautiful.
  20. Saturation (STRTEP058)
    by Razat
    Aggressive as fuck. All I can recommend is cranking the speakers to max.