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  1. Ordinary Songs 3
    by Snail's House
    Lullaby Lullaby
  2. Lost In Dreams
    by Sleep Waker
    Bitter Bitter
  3. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
    Lightshow Paralysis - Bonus Track Lightshow Paralysis - Bonus Track
  4. Cherish
    by Rosalene
    1.) Clarity 1.) Clarity
    Reminds me of older Novelists. Such a promising sound, I'm super excited to hear more from these dudes!
  5. A N I M U S
    by Rosalene
    Cloud Cloud
    Dude this is so good. Man... I hit the jackpot with this band.
  6. To Speak, To Listen
    by Eidola
    The Abstract Of A Planet In Resolve The Abstract Of A Planet In Resolve
    It's like Dance Gavin Dance had sex with itself and made an even cuter child.
  7. forn
    by ichika
    a bell is not a bell a bell is not a bell
    Literally flawless. Nothing more.
  8. Homewrecker
    by Hollow Front
    Lost Boy (feat. Hunter Courtright of Sleep Waker) Lost Boy (feat. Hunter Courtright of Sleep Waker)
    Just too damn good. Great mix of heavy and melodic. Awesome job!
  9. All The Hell You've Got To Spare
    by Kingdom Of Giants
    Cash Out Cash Out
    I cannot pick a favorite. This whole album is flawless and these guys have never put out a single bad song. Such a perfect metal record.
  10. Tidelines
    by Tidelines
    Shelter Shelter
    I cannot express how much I have fallen in love with this band. Like all of my favorite bands wrapped into one incredible bundle. Seriously one of the best, most catchy, perfectly atmospheric, yet emotionally heavy records I've heard in years. I've had Shelter's chorus (along with a few other songs) stuck in my head EVERY DAY since this album came out. Everybody needs to know of this band.
  11. Moving Forward
    by In Solace
    What Are The Odds? What Are The Odds?
    Great dudes, great tunes, can't wait to see what you have in store for the future!
  12. Dreamscape
    by Earthists.
    FLUX(ft. Sam Jacobs of The Afterimage) FLUX(ft. Sam Jacobs of The Afterimage)
    Another incredible band out of Japan. Every bit of this album is a work of art. Cannot WAIT to see them in the US.
  13. A Cold Sense Of Clarity
    by Of Divinity
    Hold Your Breath Hold Your Breath
    Literally bought this album the second I heard them, and found out the same day they were breaking up. WHY!!! (Buy this NOW)
  14. Eulogy
    by Vaultry
    Painted In Grey Painted In Grey
    Beautiful record that expresses the grief of a lost friend. Lyrically and sonically top tier.
  15. BLED
    by An Empty City
    Panda Eyes Panda Eyes
    So GOOD! Buy it!!!
  16. abstracts
    by abstracts
    Twilight Twilight
    Everything I could want in a band. Fast, layered guitar melodies, awesome singing, energetic drums, all of it's there. I love this band so dearly.
  17. The Primordial Ruin
    by Sentinel
    Nadir Nadir
    Way too much groove. Hard to pick a favorite track. I'm so bummed they couldn't stay around!
  18. Meridian
    by The Helix Nebula
    Sea Of Suns Sea Of Suns
    Literally one of the best prog-metal bands ever to exist. Don't sleep on them.
  19. Primal EP
    by Entheos
    Primal Primal
    Way better than The Faceless.
    Way better than Animals as Leaders.
    Way better than Animosity.
    Way better than joining Veil of Maya.
    This EP, and everything they ever have, and ever will release is simply perfection.
  20. The Duckcore Compilation - Volume III
    by DuckCore
    Nexilva - Evil Will Prevail (ft. Meyrick De La Fuente) Nexilva - Evil Will Prevail (ft. Meyrick De La Fuente)
  21. I Just Feel Hate (NEW TRACK)
    by Shields
  22. O N Y X
    by The Afterimage