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  1. Disco Elysium
    by BRITISH SEA POWER (Golden Chariot Records Releases)
  2. Cultist Simulator OST
    by Maribeth Solomon, Brent Barkman and Micky Erbe
    The Ivory and the Lovely The Ivory and the Lovely
    A soundtrack like no other for a game like no other. Fitting.
  3. Sunless Skies OST
    by Maribeth Solomon Brent Barkman for Mickymar Productions
    The High Wilderness The High Wilderness
    It was hard for Maribeth Solomon & Brent Barkman to follow up with grace on their work on Sunless Sea's music. And they did it.
  4. Fallen London OST
    by Maribeth Solomon and Brent Barkman
    Irrigo Below Irrigo Below
    To paint the picture of this strange city in my head, this soundtrack has always proven invaluable.
  5. Sunless Sea OST
    by Maribeth Solomon and Brent Barkman
    Storm, Stone, Salt Storm, Stone, Salt
    The unique sounds of this soundtrack will always make me feel lost in the darkness of the Unterzee, craving for what little light can be found and fearing what can hide under the waves.
  6. Duplicity
    by Autumn Orange
  7. Refjorged
    by Autumn Orange
    Strange Dreams IV. Wander Strange Dreams IV. Wander
    The second part of a masterful musical depiction of Fjord's character arc. Rarely fan work has ever been so thoughtful and well made.
  8. Fathoms
    by Autumn Orange
    Endearing and intriguing tribute to Fjord's character and his found family, The Mighty Nein.
  9. NOMAD (Instrumentals)
    by Zack Hemsey
    Soothsayer (Instrumental) Soothsayer (Instrumental)
  10. Divinity Original Sin II / Piano Album
    by Delldongo
    Sins and Gods Sins and Gods
    A faithful yet personal & delicate rendition of Divinity: Original Sin II's soundtrack. Borislav Slavov would certainly be proud.
  11. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Original Soundtrack
    by Borislav Slavov
    Quirky Bones (Murky Version) Quirky Bones (Murky Version)
    Listening to this soundtrack rarely fails to make me emotional.
    The memories of the game might be for something in it, but only a fool would think that Borislav Slavov's work isn't deserving of the same praise.
    A beautiful adventure in music.
  12. Žniajar Mrojaŭ (Dream Reaper)
    by Dzivia
    Šeście Pamierłych (Dead Procession) Šeście Pamierłych (Dead Procession)
  13. Rujnuj
    by Dzivia
  14. Leviathan
    by ALT 236
    Paleblood Paleblood
    An atmosphere like no other.
  15. Darkest Dungeon - The Butcher's Circus DLC EP (Original Video Game Soundtrack)
    by Stuart Chatwood
    The Butcher's Circus Combat The Butcher's Circus Combat
  16. Darkest Dungeon - Color of Madness DLC [EP]
    by Stuart Chatwood
    Dark Mitochondria Dark Mitochondria
    Eldritch, electronic sounds corrupting orchestral, epic compositions form this entrancing, distrubing soundtrack.
  17. Darkest Dungeon (Original Video Game Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]
    by Stuart Chatwood
    The Cove Battle Siren (feat. Jennifer Chao) The Cove Battle Siren (feat. Jennifer Chao)
  18. Devour The Sun
    by vvilderness
  19. Dark Waters
    by vvilderness
  20. Oblivion
    by Realm of Wolves