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  1. Moonlit Navigation
    by Inexorum
  2. Omega Severer
    by DVNE
  3. Echoes From Deep November
    by Fires in the Distance
  4. Enlightened In Eternity
    by Spirit Adrift
  5. Rise of the Merciless
    by Dystopia A.D.
  6. The Watcher Of All
    by Psycroptic
  7. The Affair of the Poisons
    by Hellripper
    Vampire's Grave Vampire's Grave
  8. Obsidian
    by Paradise Lost
  9. The Ichor Carcinoma
    by Buried Realm
  10. Embodiment of the Divine
    by Buried Realm
  11. Sodomisery • The Great Demise
    by Testimony Records
  12. The Grander Voyage
  13. Blood Red Victory
  14. Grey Heavens
    by Omnium Gatherum
  15. Critical Hits
    by GYGAX
  16. Deserted
    by Gatecreeper
  17. Ride The Void
    by Holy Grail
  18. Beyond The Permafrost
    by Skeletonwitch
  19. Leaves of Yesteryear
    by Green Carnation
  20. Premonitions
    by Sojourner