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Hordi Jurtado / Misto Rejide

  1. Raton, New Mexico
  2. Electronic
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  1. Effortless Imagination
    by Gamma Intel
  2. An-i - Malo
    by An-i, Anklepants, Epsilove & Ohlandy, Alexander Arpeggio & Marlene Stark, Umlaut!, Franz Scala
  3. Anatolian Weapons - Chant Three
    by Anatolian Weapons, Mameen 3 & Rodion G.A., KRENG, SHAKEY
  4. Layers (Silent Servant Remix)
  5. Los Problemas Del Futuro (Silent Servant Remix)
    by Mueran Humanos
  6. Mind's Eye
  7. Bleeps, Claps, Snares & Hats
    by Xavier Meseguer
  8. E.L.I - Dying to Live
    by E.L.I
  10. Moken - No Prisoners
    by Moken
  11. Protest Love Songs
    by Credit 00
  12. Thread
    by Gamma Intel
  13. Various Objekts 5: a Bass Agenda Recordings Sampler (FREE)
    by Bass Agenda Recordings
  14. Mintro
    by The Bandit
    Real electro for real people.
    The Bandit it's true electro sound coming from a true soul who believes and loves music.
    You don't need anything else anymore.
    Always all my support, love and respect!
  15. Nionip - Nit al Llobregat
    by Xavier Meseguer
  16. Le Mystérieux EP
    by Rembert De Smet & Ferre Baelen
  17. Random Patterns EP
    by Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor
  18. Beat Nouveau EP w/ Gamma Intel Remix
    by Heap
  19. Sansibar - Mementomori
    by Mind Controlled Rectifier
  20. Disc Arpeggio - Traïdors EP
    by Xavier Meseguer