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  1. Bruges, Belgium
  2. Electronic
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  1. Ár var alda (In ancient times)
    by Gydja
  2. RAVE09
  3. Mindcut20 - Signals
    by Mindcut Music
  4. Drone Islands - Stellar
    by Various Artists
  5. SVG001: Kuetzal - Dissociate, Think, Speak. (Remixes by Anthro, Leafeater)[12"EP]
    by Kuetzal
  6. STG008 Tomas Kunkel - Foreigners EP (Remixes by Curled, Patrik Skoog)
    by Tomas Kunkel
  7. STG015: Robert Kocinszky - .303 (Remixes by Kernic, Kuetzal)
    by Robert Kocinszky
  8. STG011: Scenedrone - Odd Socks EP (Remixes by Drvg Cvltvre, Olēka)
    by Scenedrone
  9. STG016: Olēka - Relict EP (Remix by b.mod)
    by Olēka
  10. STG001: Hono - Debt Collector EP (Remixes by Anthro, 74185#)
    by Hono
  11. STG007: Schuw - Shootybaker EP (Remixes by Ancestor, Anthony Kolev)
    by Schuw
  12. STG013: b.mod - Expatriate EP (Remixes by Sancta Sanctorum, Syrette)
    by b.mod
  13. STG021: The Spy - Deep Dream (Remixes by E-bony & Casper Hastings)
    by The Spy
  14. STG014: Ectoplasm - Invader EP (Remixes by DAHRYL, Klankman)
    by Ectoplasm
  15. STG005: FLmm - Raw Never Dies EP (Remixes by Vlaysin, Marla Singer)
    by FLmm
  16. SVG002: Casper Hastings - Reinvention EP (Remixes by No Moon, Sancta Sanctorum)
    by Casper Hastings
  17. SGWD001: Gforty - The Quest EP (Remix by The Analogue Cops)
    by Gforty
  18. STG002: Küetzal - Polly's in Shapes on Acid EP (Remixes by Schuw, Scase)
    by Kuetzal
  19. STG019: SÆDEM - Portae Inferni (Remixes by Kaylah, Kegffnayy)
    by SÆDEM
  20. STG017: Undying Minds - Blind Ignorance EP (Remix by Kernic)
    by Undying Minds