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  1. Manifesto (single)
    by Love in Reverse
    Overjoyed to hear a new single from Love In Reverse, their last album is among my favorites.
    “Manifesto” does not disappoint. Michael’s wonderful, emotive voice embellished by lovely Harrison-esque chimey arpeggiated guitar in the chorus, instantly sing-alongable.
    “Into the Hollow” is a decidedly mellower track, with more excellent guitar playing here, from jangly acoustics to yawning lead, with more lush washes of vocal.
    If this is LIR’s manifesto, then I wanna be in their cult.
  2. Dim the Lights, Chill The Ham
    by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
    I first heard of Shadowy Men from the show “Kids In The Hall” in the late 80’s and fell instantly in love.

    “Dim the Lights, Chill The Ham” is an instant classic, filled with twangy and melodic guitar, often thunderous drums, and so drenched in spring reverb I need to dry off my speakers.

    I think the jury is out on whether or not this is surf rock, but it’s irrelevant as this party could be on the beach, a punk bar, or just about anywhere.

    I say turn up the stereo, call your friends!
  3. Holidaze Music II
    by Stone Catcherye
  4. Holidaze Music
    by Stone Catcherye
  5. Self-Optimization
    by Dirk Radloff
    From the first few notes of music here, I am completely drawn in to this heavy, futuristic sounding piece - grinding and slamming like a factory floor - when the bullhorn sounding vocals come in shortly thereafter bringing the music to a frenzy worthy of my favorite Einstürzende Neubauten tracks!
  6. Visions
    by Guilhem Desq
    Sand Sailor Sand Sailor
    Visions are exactly what you will see from the moment you first play this album.

    Scenes of Celtic warriors battle cries, cut to the Himalayan mountains where snow dances on it's way downward from the sky...

    Musical notes take on shapes like birds and swoop down providing many views of a landscape that seems to change from track to track.

    Incredible swirls of melody and sound create an otherworldly soundscape that can move your body and soul.

    Take a listen, see what visions come to YOU.

  7. PAUSE
    by Church of Trees
    Big Black Car Big Black Car
    I have a deep suspicion that if I were to go to Bernard Frazer's house, I'd find that we have many of the same records.

    Every track on this album sounds as if somebody took my favorite little bits of my favorite songs and re-arranged them into brand new songs somehow.

    The additional musicians and vocalists chosen to flesh out these songs bring the album to a place that sates the craving for this music that Church of Trees created in me in the first place.

    I can't wait to see what's next.
  8. V O I D
    by Slighter
    Complicit (Album Mix) Complicit (Album Mix)
    Void is an excellent name for this album. At times while listening I feel as if I am perched on a ledge staring into a great darkness - from which the most haunting sounds emerge and develop into deep, satisfying grooves and songs.

    The overall feel here to me goes from cinematic soundscape to a gritty sort of trip hop to a groovy kind of industrial music, and the melodies in the songs haunt me long after they end.

    Allow void to envelop you and you won't regret it.

  9. Blonde On The Tracks
    by Emma Swift
    Simple Twist of Fate Simple Twist of Fate
    I should start off by stating that this record marks the introduction of Bob Dylan's music to my collection.

    I can't think of a more beautiful way to get to know these impeccably written songs.

    Her renditions put a spin on the tunes not unlike Cowboy Junkie's "the Trinity Session" and she's chosen tracks that work very well with her lovely voice.

    The production style and instrumentation (Robyn Hitchcock appears on guitar, even) creates that elusive "good kind of melancholy" vibe.
  10. high on headphones
    by cogwizard
    something something
    The music on this album, and the way it flows makes sense the way dream reality makes sense - while you are dreaming.

    I alternate from drifting in seas of echoes to bouncing around the room in an excited, geeky dance while waving my hands around like a fool.

    Elements of Zappa, Beck, Coil, Pink Floyd... and I don't know what else, but I can't love it enough.

    High on headphones, speakers, a PA, you name it - this music is my new favorite drug.
  11. Eye
    by Robyn Hitchcock
    Queen Elvis Queen Elvis
    I moved to San Francisco from Denver for a very short period of time in 1996.

    Apart from an army duffel, an inexpensive Japanese acoustic guitar, and my notebooks, I had a walkman and this tape. It was on the journey that I read in the liner notes that this album was recorded in the city I was now moving to.

    My most recent memory of it is seeing Robyn perform "Queen Elvis" live with Emma Swift at Swallow Hill Music Hall in Denver.

    Thank you for providing a lifelong influence.
  12. World's a Bitch ft Carole Pope
    by Church of Trees
    This pandemic has been marked by so many events, yet has been as one big blur to me and many others.

    What it needed, I didn't know until now - was A THEME SONG.

    And now, it has one. I don't know anyone on the planet that cannot relate to this track right now.

    Thank you for writing it!
  13. Fast Freddie
    by Vague Notion
    Since the first time I heard this tune on an independent radio show to this moment, it's had the same effect on me - that of putting me in a hugely positive headspace with my body moving around so much dancing as I walk that I crash into walls.

    Superfunky space age disco funk I don't know what but I love it. Buy this song and thank me later.
  14. The Essential Stone Catcherye II (Sciamachy)
    by Stone Catcherye
    Stone Catcherye is without a doubt one of the most prolific independent songwriting/recording powerhouses I personally know. A man that practically breathes songs, I'd say.

    This collection of his amazing singing and incredibly catchy guitar riffs and wild turnarounds is bound to satisfy listeners and musicians alike.

  15. Apocryphal of Posy
    A Deer in the Headlights of Love A Deer in the Headlights of Love
    The tracks on this release are like films that become songs that become books that turn into dreams.

    Fans of Love in Reverse will appreciate hearing some of Michael Ferentino's melodic sense in places, but in others perhaps finding themselves opened up to a different side of the same highly creative mind.

    Dark and heavy in all the right places, melodic and comforting when needed, funky and innovative when you least expect it - and catchy as hell everywhere.

  16. Plays Well With Others - Set 04 (Album - 11/2020)
    by GrevusAnjl
    GrevusAnjl is probably one of the easiest people to work with in terms of collaborating musically, yet his distinctive sound manages to permeate every collaborative track I have ever heard.

    Plays well with others would be an understatement.
  17. Message
    by Eddie Shook
    Eddie's message is one that I can get behind..and it's presented in a way here like waking up to a beautiful dream.

    In places here I am reminded of music by Jon and Vangelis.

    Sort of track where you can just let the good vibes wash over you!
  18. Say Goodbye to Ground Control
    by Keldari Station
    Well, I wanted to test a download code so I downloaded an album I am in. I can say it was worth it!! ;)
  19. I'm an Illusion
    by Love in Reverse
    Glam of God Glam of God
    From the first incredibly catchy guitar riff to the last, I'm reminded of what I consider the best elements of many bands I already deeply dig - Kinks, Cure, Prince, even the Cars and Beatles in places.

    Band camp doesn't provide enough room for all I would like to say about this album but you can listen to it before you purchase it and see for yourself!

    My favorite release all year.
  20. Aeon
    by The EVT Band
    Zero Hour Zero Hour
    One of the first things I noted about the EVT band is their music feels accessible to just about anyone without sacrificing any kind of integrity whatsoever.

    Threads of trip hop, latin music, reggae, folk, jazz, and other genres weave together to create a tapestry so colorful - yet subtle - that it could match the decor of any musical domicile.

    Ivette's clear, expressive voice rarely seems to use any sort of effect on this LP and has no need to.

    Aeon becomes more rewarding with each listen.
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