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  1. Church Of Bones
    by Monasterium
  2. Departed Souls
    by Magic Circle
  3. The Sword Woman
    by Smoulder
  4. Darkness Death Doom
  5. Grey Maiden
    by Gatekeeper
  6. Evoked From Abysmal Sleep
  7. The Sword Woman
    by Smoulder
  8. Serpent's Curse (Death Metal)
    by HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International)
  9. Rituals (Death Metal)
    by CRAWL (Sweden)
  10. East of Sun
    by Gatekeeper
  11. I
    by Malakhim
  12. Caro Data Vermibus (Death Metal)
  13. Land of Weeping Souls (Death Metal)
    by PAGANIZER (Sweden)
  14. Heavy Riders
    by Crypt Sermon
  15. Scream Live E.P.
    by Magic Circle
  16. Monasterium
    by Monasterium
    Christening In Blood Christening In Blood
    Fantastic Epic Doom with some traditional heavy metal elements. Great bass work. Full review here:
  17. The Siege of Jerusalem
    by Stone Dagger
    The Siege of Jerusalem The Siege of Jerusalem
    Truly channeling the best parts of early Manowar, instantly classic riffs and genuine grandeur. The Siege of Jerusalem has been of repeat for the last couple of days, with Black Clad Rider thrown in there to spice things up. I really hope to hear a full length release of the same quality.
  18. Human Hecatomb
    by PYRE
  19. On Funeral Wings
  20. Sonoran Depravation
    by Gatecreeper
  21. This Temple Is A Grave
    by Cerecloth
    Strangling The Saint, Strangling The Prophet Strangling The Saint, Strangling The Prophet
    Incredibly heavy, yet melodic death metal which brings Bolt Thrower and other British death metal bands to mind. Yet with a Morbid Angel-esque vibe to the solos and lyrical themes. In other words: awesome!

    Hope to hear another demo, or preferably a full length album soon.
  22. Worship Death
    by CRAWL
  23. Verenvalaja
    by Vainaja
  24. Never Machine Demo EP 12"
    by The Doomsday Kingdom
    Never Machine Demo Never Machine Demo
  25. Castaneda
    by Jess and the Ancient Ones
    Castaneda Castaneda