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  1. Plays Well With Others - Set 05 (Album - 08/2021)
    by GrevusAnjl
  2. Sage
    by Michelle Qureshi
  3. PAUSE
    by Church of Trees
  4. It's OK Not to Be OK - REMIXES EP
    by The Rude Awakening
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  5. Planning Ahead
    by Jessica Pink
  6. Shock Therapy
    by She´s Excited!
    Add Clarity (Primitive Heart Remix) Add Clarity (Primitive Heart Remix)
    This is a fantastic 5 track album. The remixes are varied enough to not be stale, and the vocals are from heaven. Lyric content and notes. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this voice. We love you too.
  7. Aegis
    by The Trinity
  8. Esja
    by Hania Rani
  9. Eros
    by Think Good Audio
    God of prayer God of prayer
    This is Think Good Audio’s best release in our opinion. Completely fresh and uninhibited. It’s clear this artist is using everything learned to this point to push his and the listeners boundaries. It ranges from easy listening to glitch, to heavy. It is a easy listen lacking some of the heavier themes the last few releases have had. More focusing on Greek mythology and musical overlap, our first listen is a complete joy. We look forward to more listens and a more detailed review.
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  10. Portals
    by Eat The Sun
  11. The Unsettled Dust
    by Belial Pelegrim
  12. Everything iz Different
    by New Neon
  13. The Creep
    by Lazy Dada
  14. Cute Little Fellow, My Inner Darkness
    by GrevusAnjl
  15. TAFFETA | Vol. 2
    by Belial Pelegrim
  16. Middle of Nowhere
    by JohnPalmer
  17. RMX
    by New Neon
    Synthetik Form feat. New Neon - Compulsion (People Theatre's Hot Remix) Synthetik Form feat. New Neon - Compulsion (People Theatre's Hot Remix)
    Perfect for dancing, driving, or contemplation. If your fans of the originals you will find more here. If you have never heard the originals you will want to find them. Either way, this is a great album to fall in love with New Neon.
  18. Mahayana (fortune flows out from within)
    by Keldari Station and GrevusAnjl
  19. Hugs
    by Lazy Dada
  20. You'll Be Fine
    by D. D. Danahy