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  1. Cleveland, Ohio
  2. Punk
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  1. Disarm Or Die
    by Dogma
  2. Demo
    by Jade Helm
    Nobody Cares Nobody Cares
  3. Death Disco
    by Tomorrow's Echo
  4. The Exile I
    by The Exile
  5. Wer das hört ist doom
    by Berliner Doom
  6. Traumy wystarczy dla każdego
    by bzdet
  7. Nurse
    by Nurse
  8. Falser Truths
    by Corker
  9. Castigations
    by False Figure
  10. Nichts ist es wert
    by Burial Ground
  11. Fetish Art
    by Opal Vessel
  12. Joyous Death
    by カセットで自殺
  13. Gie it Laldy, Ya Raj - The Ruptured Ambitions Collection
    by Oi Polloi
  14. The Singles
    by The Apostles
    1985 1985
  15. Nektar EP
    by Autor
  16. D.O.V.E
    by D.O.V.E
    Into The Vague Into The Vague
  17. demo
    by cruelle
    Amour Impossible Amour Impossible
  18. Visión Trágica
    by Angustia Espiritual
    by Gossip Collar
    I See Shadows I See Shadows
  20. Härvest
    by Poison Ruïn