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  1. Cleveland, Ohio
  2. Punk
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  1. Demo 2020
    by Morgana
  2. Hunger for a Way Out
    by Sweeping Promises
  3. Monumental cowards (mini ep)
    by CagøT
    sorry pou se patisa sorry pou se patisa
  4. Pestilent Planet
    by Clock Of Time
  5. Who Controls?
    by Renmin Ribao
    Afterimages Afterimages
  6. Over The Hills And Far Away
    by Subdued
  7. Too Punk For Heavy Metal
    by ISS
  8. Directions for Use:
    by VAGUESS
    Lesser of Two Lesser of Two
  9. More Echoes Of A Question Never Answered... Why?
    by Cry Out
  10. Insomnia (Single)
    by Grey skies
  11. Das Das - "S/T"
    by Detriti Records
  12. Karl Kave - Solitude
    by Detriti Records
  13. Poison Ruïn
    by Poison Ruïn
  14. Consumed by Paranoia and Fear
    by La Rabbia
  15. Fight Back
    Apostles - 5.975 MHZ Apostles - 5.975 MHZ
  16. Principia Discordia
    by OS SACRES
  17. Fin del Mundo
    by Fin Del Mundo
  18. Aus - II LP
    by Aus
    Die Taste Die Taste
  19. Skel Demo Spring/2020
    by Deep Ward
    Battleship Potemkin Battleship Potemkin
  20. Atlantikschwimmer - Kassetto Fix LP
    by Die Atlantikschwimmer
    Warten Warten