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  1. Deluxe Electric Ninja Mistress
    by Daikaiju
  2. SHE
    by rosianoneko
  3. For Sale
    by Not The Ones
  4. The Sale of Indulgence
    by Harriers Of Discord
  5. I Don't Mind
    by Fixed Faces
  6. Sad as Fiction
    by Shaken Nature
  7. You'll Never Know
    by Scott Yoder
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. I'm Not A Loser
    by Amyl and the Sniffers
  9. You Got It
    by Drunk Mums
    appears in 1 other collection
  10. queen of fucking everything
    by Hotdoggrrrl & The Sesame Buns
  11. Bad Art!
    by Shred Flintstone
  12. Take Care When the Wind Blows
    by The Rotten Mangos
  13. More Than Enough
    by Fashion Bath
  14. Young Guns
    by Fever Beam
  15. I Don't Wanna Wake Up
    by Duff Thompson
  16. Afterthought
    by ings
  17. Awake
    by Black Basements
  18. Space Program
    by Sam Pryze
  19. grief
    by The Harry Harrison
  20. Personal Privacy
    by Playboy Manbaby
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. imaginary friend
    by The Harry Harrison
  22. i can see your bones
    by Apricot Blush
  23. Rage
    by Revelator
  24. Did Life Make You Bitter?
    by Carver Baronda
  25. R.N.R.G.F.
    by No Men
  26. Suckitude
    by The Rizzos
  27. Fallow
    by Ports Of spain
  28. Abstract art
    by Milk Dick
  29. A Case Of User Error
    by Spidey Spidey
  30. Sleep Tight
    by LUMPS
    appears in 1 other collection
  31. This Town
    by Max and the Martians
  32. Girl
    by Rose Droll
  33. Lipstick
    by The Painkillers
  34. Tomorrow
    by The Painkillers
  35. Wanton Way of Loving
    by Esther Rose
  36. Jack In Titanic
    by BODEGA
  37. T.C.C.B. (Takin' Care of Business Boogie)
    by The World's Greatest Detective
  38. American Fag
    by Uni
  39. Until You're Gone
    by Blue Heart's Revelry
  40. My Father's Name Was Cat
    by Brower
    appears in 1 other collection
  41. The Hills
    by Possum
  42. Mr Glue
    by Vypers
  43. Sunday Morning II
    by Paul Jacobs
    appears in 1 other collection
  44. Wanna Go To Heaven
    by The Piggies
  45. Sittin' In the Middle
    by Francie Moon