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Holy Parish of Doom

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  1. Condemnation of the Apostate
    by In the Shadow of the Monolith
  2. Inner Harbor
    by Revelation
  3. At The Walls Of Sodom
    by Sepulchral Void
  4. MODOK
    by MODOK
  5. Triumvirate
    by Sepulchral Void
  6. Our Future Is Dead
    by Wounded Cross
  7. APOCRYPHUS Eternal suffering CD (PRE-ORDER)
    by PRC MUSIC
  8. In the light of the lord
    by Sinners Grief
    Left me to burn Left me to burn
    Man it's so good to hear more material from these guys after their stellar 2017 demo! Essential heaviness...
  9. Visions & Creatures Of Imagination
    by Doomocracy
    Visions & creatures of imagination Visions & creatures of imagination
  10. The End Is Written
    by Doomocracy
  11. Doom Of Our Time
    by Chulainns Hound
    Doom Of Our Time Doom Of Our Time
  12. CHILD
    by CHILD
  13. Primordial
    by Monolith
    Tombstone Tombstone
  14. Total Ruin EP
    by Total Ruin
  15. The Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
    by Spirit Adrift
  16. Consequence of Time
    by Pale Divine
  17. Descent
    by Eötvös
  18. Earth
    by The Grand Black
    I Saw It Coming I Saw It Coming
  19. Transmutation
    by Slug Lord
    Orgy with the Dead Orgy with the Dead
  20. Sky Turns Black
    by Fool Magician