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  1. Crack Up At The Funeral
    by Lil White Bitch
  2. 无眠 Uyⱪesez / Sleepless
    by 马木尔 Mamer
  3. CRYING IN 9
    by Vague Plot
  4. Accept When
    by Caroline Davis & Wendy Eisenberg
  5. Sound Is (Our) Sustenance
    by Montgomery and Turner
  6. Double Pendulum
    by Nickolas Mohanna
  7. Out On Our Own
    by Santa Sprees
  8. The Inseparable Santa Sprees
    by Santa Sprees
  9. Keep Still
    by Santa Sprees
  10. Wood Blues
    by أحمد [Ahmed]
  11. Timing Birds
    by Silvia Bolognesi / Dudú Kouate / Griffin Rodriguez
  12. 哀流:为开盘带录音而演奏的萨克斯曲 Sorrow Blows: Saxophone Solo For Reel-to-reel Tape Recording
    by 老丹 Lao Dan
  13. Curious Tourist
    by Leah Callahan
  14. Enough: One Night At The Daisy Chain
    by Patois Counselors
  15. 巴亚宛 Bayawan
    by 麦盖提刀郎木卡姆乐队 Mekit Dolan Muqam Group
  16. Nocturnal Woes
    by Joseph Blane
  17. Multizonal Mindscramble (DiN81)
    by Polypores
  18. Texas Edition
    by The Hatch Expansion
  19. Dulce
    by Maria Elena Silva
  20. At Earth School
    by Nicole Mitchell & Alexander Hawkins