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  1. Echoes of Tomorrow
    by Siamese Youth
  2. Horror Show
    by The Midnight
    Because The Night (feat. Nikki Flores) Because The Night (feat. Nikki Flores)
  3. Believer (Deluxe Album)
    by LAU
    The Cards The Cards
  4. Polydans
    by Roosevelt
    Feels Right Feels Right
  5. Unknown Frequency
    by Lucy In Disguise
    V.T.W.A. (feat. Laura Claire) V.T.W.A. (feat. Laura Claire)
  6. Over The Top
    by TWRP
    Somewhere Out There Somewhere Out There
  7. Kiss Me In The Rain
    by Jessie Frye
  8. Memory Collision
    by Jordan F
    The One (feat. Quails) The One (feat. Quails)
    With a wide variety of tracks and plenty of wonderful guest artists lending their voices to compliment said tracks, all this together form to make what's easily Jordan F's best album to date. Whether you're in the mood for a dreamlike escape or some sick synth beats, this album has you covered throughout its run.
  9. Electric Pillow Talk
    by Beckett
    So Much So Much
  10. Lightyears (feat. September 87)
    by Dream Fiend
  11. A Thousand Lives
    by At 1980
    Missing You Missing You
  12. Megawave
    by Dana Jean Phoenix & Powernerd
  13. Video Kids
    Take It Out On You Take It Out On You
  14. Wanting More
    by Absinth3
  15. Run Away With Me
    by Moonrunner83 & Megan McDuffee
  16. In My Head (feat. King Protea)
    by Moonrunner83
  17. Carnivàle (7" Version)
    by 2DCAT
  18. microwaves
    by Trevor Something
    You Are My Obsession You Are My Obsession
  19. Paradise
    by FM Attack
  20. Savour (Feat. Hayley Roscoe)
    by Duett