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  1. Abhorrent Rapture
    by Witch Vomit
    Necrometamorphosis Necrometamorphosis
    Nasty. Just nasty.
  2. Khalkedonian Death
    by Diabolizer
  3. En Delirium
    by Grief Collector
  4. Decadence and Decay
    by Silver Talon
  5. To Where The Light Retreats
    by Hannes Grossmann
  6. Within Death
    by The Plague
    Hardcore infused HM-2 death metal for fans of Entombed, Dismember, and Black Breath. This is The Plague you want to catch.
  7. La Morsure du Christ
    by Seth
    Le Triomphe de Lucifer Le Triomphe de Lucifer
    Beautifully violent melodic black metal that matches the artwork perfectly.
  8. Sentenced To Life
    by Black Breath
    by Horndal
  10. Left Hand Path (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Entombed
    I just couldn't resist turning this thing on and jamming my fork right in there. I didn't even have the water running.
  12. Empyrean
    by Paranorm
    I honestly can't pick a favorite track on Empyrean. This is some of the most exciting progressive thrash/death I've heard since...well, since Death. Absolutely mind-blowing guitars and phenomenal production make this an early frontrunner for the best album of 2021
  13. Malice Divine
    by Malice Divine
    In Time In Time
  14. For the Glory of your Redeemer
    by Misotheist
  15. So It Goes
    by Demoniac
    So It Goes So It Goes
    This is one of the most interesting and exciting thrash albums I've heard in the last couple of years. It features dynamic compositions - and even some clarinet - without compromising an ounce of the aggression you want in your thrash. Clarimetal for the win!
  16. Black Tides Of Obscurity
    by Earth Rot
    The Cape Of Storms The Cape Of Storms
    A diabolical, eccentric, and atmospheric mixture of HM-2 death metal and second wave black metal, Black Tides of Obscurity is my early album to beat in 2020.
  17. Strangers
    by Scardust
    Concrete Cages Concrete Cages
    This is the first progressive metal album I've loved in quite some time. Phenomenal songwriting, instrumental virtuosity, and stellar vocal performances make this one of the most unique and strongest releases of 2020.
  18. Cosmic World Mother
    by ...And Oceans
    Cosmic World Mother Cosmic World Mother
    ...and Oceans have gone back to their roots to make symphonic black metal great again. Electronic and industrial elements complement the surgical riffs and soaring keys to provide one of 2020's top black metal releases.
  19. Blackevil - Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire
    by Dying Victims Productions
    Forever Baptised In Eternal Flames Forever Baptised In Eternal Flames
    This is what Iron Maiden would sound like if they were a satanic blackened speed metal band. Fantastic guitar work and incredible vocals put this in my Top 10 of the year.
  20. Effigy Of Nightmares
    by VALDRIN
    Down The Oubliette Of Maelstrom Down The Oubliette Of Maelstrom
    A carefully crafted black metal masterpiece. Strong storytelling, loads of melody, and a chilling atmosphere make this one of my top albums of 2020.