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  1. mickey's dead
    by elvis depressedly
    daughter of a cop daughter of a cop
  2. hotter sadness
    by elvis depressedly
    mcdade mcdade
    by RUN DMT
    romantic romantic
  4. Blue Suicide
    by Coma Cinema
    Business as Usual Business as Usual
  5. Baby Prayers
    by Coma Cinema
    Be Human Be Human
  6. Posthumous Release
    by Coma Cinema
    White Trash VHS White Trash VHS
  7. Stoned Alone
    by Coma Cinema
    In Lieu of Flowers In Lieu of Flowers
  8. The End of Comedy
    by Drugdealer
    Were You Saying Something? Were You Saying Something?
    This was a big find for me in 2016.

    Drugdealer filters melodic pop songs through a whimsical psych-folk filter and meanders in light spirit thru classic California harmonies. Contemplative instrumental seques and muted electronic overlays give way to Beach Boy sing-alongs and reality contortions.

    It's a legit campfire classic.
  9. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
    A6 - Things that are beautiful and transient A6 - Things that are beautiful and transient
    The sound here is eerie and haunting, warm and soothing. Like an absinthe tasting at an all White 1920s big band show that seems to be breaking down in a terribly frightening way.

    Everyone is smiling and know one knows why.
  10. Lost Time
    by Tacocat
    I Hate the Weekend I Hate the Weekend
    Favorite Track: I love Seattle

    Do you like to shake your butt and pogo around to riot grrl inspired non-commercial post-pop-punk? Then get out your spandex and queue this up.

    It's not all mayhem, you'll find nods to girl group vocals from the 60s, dead ringer tributes to Belly AND handclaps. A ton of solid handclaps.

    I'm sure the lyrics are wity and sharp but who cares when you're slam dancing like a 4 year old.