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  1. New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges
    by Colin Stetson
    Fear of the unknown and The Blazing Sun Fear of the unknown and The Blazing Sun
    I didn't enjoy the sounds of saxophones before this album. It's a significant feat to have not only made me thoroughly like them, but to craft an essentially perfect album with one. 10/10 album here.
  2. Above the Trees
    by Paul Duncan
    Parasail Parasail
    This little known album has become one of my absolute favorites. In a variety of moments and moods my mind is completely engulfed in its lyrics and sound. It touches on so much deep within me that I find it hard to describe.
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  3. End Position
    by Street Sects
    If This is What Passes for Living If This is What Passes for Living
    Just excellent. Absolutely sharp, new, and uncompromising on both musical and lyrical fronts.
  4. Shallow
    by Sea Oleena
    If I'm If I'm
  5. It's Immaterial
    by Black Marble
    It's Conditional It's Conditional
    It's a great one.
  6. sleeplessness
    by sea oleena
    Milk Milk
    The only suitable review I could give would be falling on my knees and weeping from thankfulness.
  7. sea oleena
    by sea oleena
    Cold White Sheets/Empty Bed Cold White Sheets/Empty Bed
    Many fantastic songs for so short an album Unique and memorable in many ways.
  8. Spirit Phone
    by Lemon Demon
    No Eyed Girl No Eyed Girl
    A third of my life has been spent waiting for this album. Pre-ordered for 1.5x asking price. Fully satisfied.
  9. Be Careful What You Call Home
    by Paul Duncan
    Oil in the Fields Oil in the Fields
  10. To An Ambient Hollywood
    by Paul Duncan
    Swam An Ocean Swam An Ocean
  11. Ascend To Nothing
    by Krishna
    Ascend To Nothing Ascend To Nothing
    Perfect meditation music for nihilists. If you can slip into it, the constantly shifting sea of tones is as relaxing as it is challenging.
  12. Will
    by Julianna Barwick
    Nebula Nebula
  13. Blackout Shades
    by Maiden Names
    No Slack No Slack
    I'm not terribly familiar with the batman mythos, but this is real solid music regardless.
  14. Never Were the Way She Was
    by Colin Stetson / Sarah Neufeld Duo
    The Sun Roars Into View The Sun Roars Into View
  15. This is the Truth About The Good Doctor, The Secret to Confidence and Why I Feel So Alone
    by Night Mayor
    Get Up and Reach (The Secret to Confidence) Get Up and Reach (The Secret to Confidence)
  16. This is the Truth About How the Moon Landing Was Faked, How I Fell in Love with a Sea Monster and How I'm Obsessed with You.
    by Night Mayor
    Over the Moon Over the Moon
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    Low Poly Strut! Low Poly Strut!
  18. I Am Become Christmas EP
    by Lemon Demon
    Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis
    Last Christmas I was bored and having a shit time. This album retaught me Christmas spirit, and childlike wonder at the end of all man and idols.
  19. Sweatbox Dynasty
    by TOBACCO
    Gods in Heat Gods in Heat
  20. "The Debate" - Live at Roulette
    by Welcome to Night Vale
    Sample Clip - Faceless Old Woman Sample Clip - Faceless Old Woman
  21. Re2rocovered
    by Inverse Phase
    Fami-Dance Fami-Dance

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  1. "The Librarian" - Live at Skirball
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  2. [ Elsewhere ]
    by MIKTEK
  3. Zorya
    by Floex
  4. Pjoni & Ink Midget EP | EXTB013
  5. Shallow
    by Sea Oleena
  6. Psychosis
    by Aseptic Void
  7. Living in the Grayland
    by Alphaxone
  8. Bourgeoisie (self-titled)
    by Bourgeoisie
  9. Vapor City
    by Indecorum