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  1. Frequency Jam
    by Konebu - Woo-Dog Recordings
  2. Kaos-Funky Universe
    by Alice D
  3. Tromo - Beyond Sanity
    by Selected by TerraTech and Amazon
  4. Eruption
    by VA - Basalt Records (compiled by Redox)
  5. Spicy Aliens From Jungle
    by Thelios
  6. The Spirit Of Darkness
    by Nazrael
  7. Unknown Roots
    by Colt
  8. Altered States
    by Millivolt
  9. VA Rangda
    by Padang Records
  10. Internal Contrast
    by Headweller
  11. What Make Us Human ¿
    by Dohak
  12. VA Monkey Temple Compiled by Greenchild
    by Padang Records
  13. New World Disorder
    by Patterns
  14. VA New Species
    by Padang Records
  15. Packet Loss
    by Paracozm
  16. VA Haunted Spectre 2
    by Padang Records
  17. The Awakening
    by Ritalin Child
  18. VA Deep
    by Padang Records
  19. Sacred Ritual
    by Jungle Haze
  20. Morphology
    by Johny Pablo
  21. Quantum Waves
    by Camps Elisis
  22. Magic Plants
    by Mushroom Head
  23. The Dimension of Imagination EP
    by Naga Baba
  24. Mars Music
    by Flix
  25. Razor
    by Symetric
  26. VA Changeon
    by Padang Records
  27. Illustrate
    by Bellatrixx
  28. VA Nibiru
    by Padang Records
  29. Dark Flowers
    by Hybridohm
  30. Radiant Sound
    by Version Bizar & Fevered Shiva
  31. VA Barong & Garuda
    by Padang Records
  32. Paracozm - Redux
    by Padang Records
  33. VA Mechanical Patterns
    by Padang Records
  34. VA Haunted Spectre
    by Padang Records
  35. Version Bizar - Lycanthrope EP
    by Padang Records
  36. Xaman
    by Jungle Haze
  37. Two In One
    by Expedizionika & Xplicit
  38. Inside the Positronic Brain
    by Stancke
  39. EP Road Runner
    by Diego Fantini
  40. Crop Circles
    by Soulid
  41. VA Alternative Creation
    by Padang Records
  42. VA Exogenesis
    by Padang Records
  43. VA Hybrid Dynamics
    by Padang Records
  44. ritual of drugs
    by Acidance Records
    appears in 1 other collection
  45. Elysium -- Master Of The Rainforest (Electric Nature Remix)
    by VA