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Henry "Mica" Goldsmith

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  1. This Apparatus Must Be Earthed
    by Shallow North Dakota
  2. Mob Wheel
    by Shallow North Dakota
  3. Auto Body Crusher
    by Shallow North Dakota
    Odd Odd
  4. Shallow North Dakota - #2 Live Board Tape Series - Lee's Palace - unknown date (1998?)
    by Shallow North Dakota
  5. Shallow North Dakota - Live board tape series - Lee's Palace Toronto
    by Shallow North Dakota
  6. One More Bite
    by Black Hatch
  7. Lower Automation
    by Lower Automation
  8. Head Made of Glass
    by The Freqs
  9. Bodies for Strontium 90
    by craw
  10. Arrasa Con Todo
    by La Gritona
    Vitamin Vitamin
  11. These Are Not Fall Colors
    by Lync
    Heroes & Heroines Heroes & Heroines
  12. Action Chemistry
    by KARP
    Rowdy Rowdy
  13. Self Titled LP
    by KARP
    Bacon Industry Bacon Industry
  14. Suplex
    by KARP
    Connect 5 Connect 5
  15. Mustaches Wild
    by KARP
    Propane Activist Propane Activist
  16. False Tongues
    by Niffin
  17. whatever
    by nick hotel
    it ain't me it ain't me
    Takes come on in, the water's fine and refines it into a tight lo-fi indie pop record.
  18. Washing In Soap Opera
    I Always Wanted To Be A Motivational Speaker I Always Wanted To Be A Motivational Speaker
    No more music, SHADOW PEOPLE canceled music
  19. Cruel Spring
    by Needle Play
    Prison Love Prison Love
  20. wormhat
    by RONG
    wet edge wet edge