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  1. Halloween Lofi
    by Dated
    Living in Shadow Living in Shadow
    Superb. Samples from every kind of spooky media you can imagine. I think they even use the melody from The Bunyip Song from "Dot & the Kangaroo" in Gravestoned.
  2. THE OMINOUS SILENCE (download/CD)
    by Northaunt
  3. Dopesmoker
    by Sleep
    Dopesmoker Pt. 1 Dopesmoker Pt. 1
    A Full-length Doom Symphony about the forgotten history of cannabis in human culture and spirituality, and the band's hope that the plant will one day be traded beyond the stars.
  4. Jump Rope Gazers
    by The Beths
  5. Future Me Hates Me
    by The Beths
  6. Madness of the Graves
    by Root
  7. RePorpoised Phantasies
    by Machine Girl
    A throwback to OLD Machine Girl. This cover art is sublime, probably one of my favorites so far.
  8. Luiz Carlos Vinhas - "O Som Psicodélico De L. C. V."
  9. The Temple in the Underworld
    by Root
  10. Worm - Gloomlord
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  11. Entity
    by Phlocalyst
  12. Road Trip
    by AnTgry
  13. Naïve
    by PGX
    The Shortest Year The Shortest Year
    Cuz I'm still thinkin' bout THOSE FLOWERS THAT YOU WEAR IN YOUR HAIR~

    This such a great hook.
  14. U-Void Synthesizer
    by Machine Girl
  15. Destination Nightmare
    by Bryson Cone
  16. Magnetism
    by Bryson Cone
    Death to the King Death to the King
    The cone is everything. Wicked stuff.
  17. Amanda Palmer & Friends: Forty-Five Degrees - A Bushfire Charity Flash Record
    by Amanda Palmer & Friends
    My Favorite Things (BUSHFIRE EDITION) My Favorite Things (BUSHFIRE EDITION)
    Another clever and genuine performance from the queen.
  18. From The Ghost Grey Depths
    by Old Horn Tooth
    Follow The Demon Follow The Demon
    Crazy awesome first release. Non-stop vibes.
  19. Winternight Illusions (EP)
    by Evilnox
    Winternight Illusions (Part I) Winternight Illusions (Part I)
    The pacing, the ambient sound, the guitar tone. It's all perfect.
    Evilnox is the ultimate mood music for me.

    Reminds me of the Cry of Fear soundtrack a little bit.

    Edit: I kind of preferred the original cover, but this one is cool too.
  20. Hollow Worlds
    by Living Genocide
    Lack Of Sanity Lack Of Sanity
    No time is wasted here - catchy rhythms at every turn that make me want to thrash around. Bravo!
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