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  1. Live in Lisbon
    by Nibs van der Spuy & Guy Buttery
    Trample on Lions Trample on Lions
    Just phenomenal, this intuitive interaction between two eXTremely talented live musicians...thank you so much for the music!
  2. Nāḍī
    by Guy Buttery & Kanada Narahari
  3. Wish You Would
    by Cyra Morgan
  4. Uhamiaji
    by Msafiri Zawose
  5. Far away from pretty couples with evening plans
    by Åre
    Boat Boat
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  6. Una Corda Fantasia
    by Milana Zilnik
  7. You will be...
    by Cyra Morgan
  8. Four Great Winds
    by Peia
    Blessed We Are Blessed We Are
    So wonderful!
    So deep! So wide! So high!
    So natural! So beautiful!

    Rarely did I hear the ancient & neverending sacred voice of heavenearth so closely! :-)
  9. Crying For The Moon
    by The Sandman's Orchestra
  10. Shakti Guitar : A Yogic Journey from Dawn to Deepest Night
    by Stevin McNamara
    Heart of the Lotus - Part 3 (Theme) Heart of the Lotus - Part 3 (Theme)
    Hear this eastern sounding musical contemplation of the varying light of day reflected in the deep purity of a crystal clear mountain lake, eXPressed with the help of an instrument all of us "westerners" can understand, dancing on its surface to the subtle but irresistible groove of tender percussions....
  11. Be Still My Heart
    by Dave Lyle & ArcelliA
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  12. Together
    by Two Cities One World
    Every Day Livin' Every Day Livin'
    I specially like "Every Day Living" for the lyrics, but also "Perfect Place" for the whole mood :-)
  13. Elysian Dreams
    by Zefora
  14. My Heart's Echo (EP)
    by Oliver Sadie
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  15. Silver Linings
    by The Sandman's Orchestra
  16. Elude EP
    by Kine Hjeldnes
    Cracks Cracks
    Kine is singing right from the very bottom of her heart in such a beautiful & honest way, it just captures my feelings every time I listen!
  17. Jungle eXTasy à GoGo
    by Msafiri Zawose & hjerlmuda
    Tamasha Tamasha
    Great Fusion of sounds from different cultures :-)
  18. Whisper & Holler (album)
    by Steph Casey
  19. Eastern Chronicle
    by Deane Ogden
  20. Sven Decker OST
    by Oliver Sadie