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  1. Partium Exitium
    by Vandalorum
  2. Unholy Chants from the Dreamlands
    by Abholos
  3. Secrets from Darklight Tower
    by Voslaarum
  4. split with Whore's Skeleton
    by Offerbeest
  5. Thirst for Vampyric Purity
    by Erythrite Throne
  6. Menelglîr (LF02)
    by Menelglîr
  7. Froid Hivernal (LF04)
    by Tashughrath
  8. Compilation (LF03)
    by Kobalt
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Nazrak (LF01)
    by Nazrak
  10. Demo I
    by Filicophyta
  11. Anthology (Compilation)
    by Deaf Knight
  12. WYLFEN "Order Ov The Iron Fang"
    by Wylfen
  13. Battle at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm
    by Grimdor
  14. Sounds of a Withered Soul
    by Shrouded Gate
  15. Bitrefrosten
    by Dystreskumring
  16. Le Froid Envahit la Grande Salle
    by Lorgren Benirus
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. Swamp of Drowned Masters
    by The Herbalists
  18. Think it over, think it under
    by Ilsól
  19. Horned God Enthroned
    by Spawn Of Incantation
  20. Tranquillien - II
    by Tranquillien
  21. Ingen Näring Ingen Närhet
    by Rymdborg
  22. The Golden Compass
    by Dust Seeker
  23. s/t (HHR68)
    by The Aluminum Shadows
  24. treml (HHR67)
    by Aidan Baker
  25. On the Day of his Death...
    by Kaouenn
  26. Tome of Unlife
    by Lorgren Benirus
  27. The Eldest One
    by Windtower
  28. Path Through the Realm
    by Haxan Dreams
  29. Cursed Eternally
    by Methanol Dreams
  30. Dominate Upon The Throne Of Might
    by Atra Mors
    appears in 1 other collection
  31. A Castlevania Tribute
    by Elderfrost
  32. Nightfall (HHR65)
    by Steve Roden
  33. The Way To Avalon
    by Malfet
  34. Offerings of Flesh and Gold
    by Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze
  35. Sentiment
    by UN
  36. Demo
    by Black Epheria
  37. Within the Halls of Oblivion
    by Shelter Ov Shadows
  38. Luv Ravas
    by Elderfrost
  39. Tranquillien - I
    by Tranquillien
  40. Lovecraftian Mystic
    by Visions of Ulnahar
  41. Fortress in the North
    by Vangar
  42. The Halls of Eternal Anguish
    by DEORC WEG
  43. Lights Dim/Light's Gone (HHR66)
    by Brendan Murray
  44. Sanctum
    by Dagorlad
  45. Qve Torment Face Grace
    by Arsule