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  1. Desired
    by Desired
  2. Swarm [New 2023 Mix & Remaster]
    by Bambara
    Her Sister Touya Her Sister Touya
    another banger from post-punk's answer to the Menendez brothers and their long-suffering sidekick.
  3. Zelda 3 FM Project
    by Leesh Garland
  4. Final Fantasy VII-Wave Pt. 2
    by Lzls
    by Lzls
  6. Final Fantasy Wave IX
    by Lzls
  7. Twin Peaks Wave ~ O S T (ツイン・ピークス)
    by YSIWTOO
  8. MIDGARWAVE - a Final Fantasy 7 Lofi/Vaporwave Remix
    by Lzls
  9. B A L A M B W A V E - a Final Fantasy VIII Lofi Remix
    by Lzls
  10. Three Demos
    by Julee Cruise
  11. American Sound
    by Japanese Breakfast
  12. AS IF!: A Songs From Teen Comedies Covers Comp
    by Don't Let the Scene Go Down on Me!
  13. Sacred Love ep
    by Honeychild Coleman
  14. Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986
    by V/A - Pacific Breeze
  15. Truth EP
    by dead leaf echo
  16. Dawn Of The Next Cycle
    by Roche
  17. Flow FM
    by polysick
  18. Queen Of Cups
    by Cherushii
  19. Pleasure Garden
    by Well Being
  20. Echo Earth
    by Akasha System