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Kap Farväl !

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  1. Solastalgia
    by Rafael Anton Irisarri
  2. Tierra Firme
    by Ann Deveria
  3. Dead Peak
    by dBridge
  4. Negative Chambers
    by Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson
  5. Présence Absente
    by Saåad
  6. Volume Uno
    by Stromboli
  7. Love Theme
    by Love Theme
  8. Borders And Ruins
  9. Yearling
    by Orcas
  10. Muara
    by Monadh
  11. Intentions and Variations
    by Mikael Lind
  12. These Moments Dismantled feat. Lucrecia Dalt
    by These Hidden Hands
  13. Skarntyde
    by Spurv
  14. AUM
    by Gondwana
  15. Yr Problems
    by Love Cult Take Druss
  16. To Where the Wild Things Are
    by Death and Vanilla
  17. Quidam
    by Catacombe
  18. A Thousand Fields
    by Offthesky & Pleq
  19. Yves De Mey - Double Slit. SEMANTICA 63
    by Semantica Records
  20. Sky Song
    by Colorlist
  21. Griis
    by Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra