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  1. Foreword
    by Moving Mountains
  2. Bon Bon Appétit!!
    by 砂糖协会,奶油熊子炖菜,KUMAKO,ANK
  3. Dawn Metropolis
    by Anamanaguchi
  4. Power Supply
    by Anamanaguchi
    Helix Nebula Helix Nebula
  5. Pop It
    by Anamanaguchi
    Pop It Pop It
  6. The Unfinished
    by ARForest
    It's alright It's alright
  7. Fear Of A Blank Planet
    by Porcupine Tree
    Way Out Of Here Way Out Of Here
  8. Transference
    by Spoon
    Written In Reverse Written In Reverse
  9. This City Made Us
    by The Protomen
    This City Made Us This City Made Us
  10. The Protomen (Act I)
    by The Protomen
    IV: Vengeance IV: Vengeance
  11. Act II: The Father of Death
    by The Protomen
    Breaking Out Breaking Out
    by Panchiko
  13. Passion Of The Heist
    by I Am Abomination
    Abduction Abduction
  14. [USA]
    by Anamanaguchi
    On My Own On My Own
  15. Endless Fantasy
    by Anamanaguchi
    Japan Air (feat. Meesh) Japan Air (feat. Meesh)
  16. Capsule Silence XXIV Original Soundtrack
    by Anamanaguchi
    Lilo feat. Lindsay Lowend Lilo feat. Lindsay Lowend
  17. The End Is Begun
    by 3
    The End Is Begun The End Is Begun
  18. The Light in You Has Left
    by DOUSE
    Speak To Carry Us Speak To Carry Us
  19. A Boat on the Sea
    by Moron Police
    The Undersea The Undersea
  20. Slow Chorale
    by Gloomcatcher
    Hooks in the Rafters Hooks in the Rafters