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  1. Lost Wisdom
    by Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Fred Squire
    Voice In Headphones Voice In Headphones
    This album sounds like how it feels to still be wide awake at 5am, even though you went to bed at 11pm.
  2. Said I Had a Vision: Songs & Labels of David Lee, 1960-1988
    by Various Artists
    You're Letting Me Down You're Letting Me Down
    My headphones were pretty stoked to have stumbled upon this collection of old overlooked soulful gems this morning and will probably have on repeat for the rest of the day/week/year.
  3. Telefone
    by Noname
    Yesterday Yesterday
    dope poetry over chill beats
  4. Winters Cannot Fade
    by GoldFlakePaint
    Tenci - Blue Spring Tenci - Blue Spring
    great collection of artists. proceeds split between 3 great causes. take my money.
  5. Marlowe
    by Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham)
    Lost Arts Lost Arts
    this album is some front-to-back headphone perfection
  6. Among Horses III
    by Haley Heynderickx & Max García Conover
    The Park The Park
    I am a big fan of EVERYONE involved in this release, and I love EVERYTHING about the whole 'Among Horses' series my friends at Son Canciones are responsible for.
  7. This New Century
    by Dan Reeder
    It feels so good It feels so good
    Dan Reeder has such a soothing voice… sometimes you don't even realize that he's singing about how his lady won't give him a bj on his birthday or the flaws of a beach ball.
  8. Saving for a Custom Van
    by Various Artists
    Red Dragon Tattoo Red Dragon Tattoo
    A great covers compilation in honour of a great songwriter, that is also for a great cause + any purchases made today, June 19th,
    Bandcamp is donating their revenue share to a great cause. Hashtag so much winning.
  9. The Letdown
    by William Ryan Fritch
    Free Radical Free Radical
    “Kicks off differently than previous WRF releases, more upbeat & jazzy, and really caught my headphones off guard (in a good way). Amazing front-to-back listen as always, but really dug the unexpected smokey jazz club vibes which *spoiler alert* eventually transform into something dark & haunted. A 'letdown' this record most definitely is not.”
  10. My Favorite Mistakes
    by Esther Rose
    I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
    Just a really lovely little collection of countrified covers for staring out the window while you drink your morning coffee.
  11. lo&behold
    by lojii
    patience [prod. absent avery] patience [prod. absent avery]
    one of my favourite hip hop discoveries in the last couple years
  12. Sees All Knows All
    by Sonny Smith
    Chapter 2. Broke Artist Chapter 2. Broke Artist
    Imagine a Sun Kil Moon record pressing pause on 'Inherent Vice' to grab another sixer out of the fridge and roll a joint on the back cover of a Bukowski novel.
  13. Flat Country
    by Pepper Johnson
    Laura Laura
    I was a bit late to the ‘foot stomping, good kind of country-ish vibe’ party that this album is… but hey, it's fashionable to be late to parties, right?
  14. budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies
    by milo
    nominy (prod. scallops hotel) nominy (prod. scallops hotel)
    hip hop for anxious over thinkers
  15. Talk - Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter
    by Rough Trade Publishing/Bank Robber Music
    Linda Kemp "Don't Go Hiding Your Light" Linda Kemp "Don't Go Hiding Your Light"
    I mean, how does one not buy this compilation?
  16. All The Black
    by Cat Clyde
    All The Black All The Black
    Got that dark 'old country' soul, which is my favourite kind of country soul — perfect for slow dancing with a half-empty bottle of whiskey.
  17. Selected Works
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
    Oracle Ablaze Oracle Ablaze
    First, press the 'Play' button. Digging the vibe? Ok, now look at how many songs there are in this collection + look at the 'pay what you like' price tag. You know what to do next.
  18. Not Alone
    by Gabriel Birnbaum
    Gabe writes great tunes. This is one of them.
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Kids
    by PUP
    Kids is great and I think The Hold Steady was one of its parents.
  20. The Pursuit of HappyNess: The Story of Mickalascage.
    by Mick Jenkins
    The Session The Session
    Mick Jenkins has been behind some of my fave rap tracks these last few years ('Jazz', 'Understood' to be specific) so I thought I'd come see if there's anything on Bandcamp &… jazzed to find some smooth early stuff not available on the you know who's.