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  1. Lost Wisdom
    by Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Fred Squire
    Voice In Headphones Voice In Headphones
    This album sounds like how it feels to still be wide awake at 5am, even though you went to bed at 11pm.
  2. Downhearted 7"
    by Molly Burch
    I Adore You I Adore You
  3. Thought Rock Fish Scale
    by Nap Eyes
    Roll It Roll It
    The opening track starts scratching my spirit animal behind the ears and before i know it, “roll it” is on and my spirit animal and i have our heads stuck out in the breeze, banging a drum beat on the roof. Pretty sure my spirit animal is a dog.
  4. The Hired Hands: A Tribute to Bruce Langhorne
    by Various Artists
    Opening Opening
    that's my morning coffee soundtrack sorted for awhile
  5. with twine (108 adolphus demo)
    by Owen Steel
    Owen doesn't get as much love as he should. Help fix that by passing this song on to that person in your life who fancies a little M Ward every now and again.
  6. Fa Fa Fa Fired
    Fa Fa Fa Fired Fa Fa Fa Fired
    After listening to the 1 track you can sample, I kinda new that I was gonna like this… but I wanted to hear more. Only took 2 more tracks before I was running back here with my wallet out.
  7. Thrush Metal
    by Stella Donnelly
    Boys Will Be Boys Boys Will Be Boys
    one of those albums filled with moments that make you forget what you were doing
  8. Birkitshi - Eagle Hunters In A New World
    by William Ryan Fritch
    Tending the Herd Tending the Herd
    genre: #teleportation
  9. Huck Notari and the River
    by Huck Notari
    Chippin Away Chippin Away
    a recent re-discovery of an album I forgot to look more into back when it first passed through my ears
  10. Our First 100 Days
    by Our First 100 Days
    Omaha Omaha
    great music + great cause = great comp
  11. Mowing
    by Michael Nau
    While You Stand While You Stand
    as Shakespeare once said… “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet; so Cotton Jones would, were he not Cotton Jones call'd, retain that dear perfection”
  12. Sprained Ankle
    by Julien Baker
    Brittle Boned Brittle Boned
    If you arrived on this page because you heard somebody raving about how lovely this Julien Baker album is, all you need to know is that they were right (but you might need to put your headphones on & lay under the covers in order to realize it).
  13. Sees All Knows All
    by Sonny Smith
    Chapter 1. The Ring Chapter 1. The Ring
    Imagine a Sun Kil Moon record pressing pause on 'Inherent Vice' to grab another sixer out of the fridge and roll a joint on the back cover of a Bukowski novel.
  14. K.
    by Cigarettes After Sex
    It's snowing outside this morning, and this track seems to perfectly fit the moment.
  15. 4E*
    by Lomelda
    Columbia River* Columbia River*
    this is a whole lot of simple loveliness
    by European Vacation
    please, please me, or, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte please, please me, or, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
    Shout out to the always deep digging Trev Elkin for sending me this gem!
  17. Carey EP
    by Carey
    Hey Caty Hey Caty
    Just the kind of EP you need for getting summer started, whatever time of the year you put it on.
  18. Through Them Fingers Yours And Mine
    by Fair Mothers
    Slow Learner Slow Learner
    for days when you get up before everybody else
  19. Delicate
    by Hello Shark
    Danny Danny
    headphone listen for this afternoon's walk. and probably next afternoon too.
  20. too far from town to learn
    by GoldFlakePaint
    Poppies - Mistakes Poppies - Mistakes
    Some purchase decisions require less thinking than others. For example, when you see that GFP has put out a compilation.
  21. SALES LP
    by SALES
    jamz jamz
    how does someone with working ears not buy anything from SALES?
  22. Screentime
    by Addie Pray
    Hail Mary Hail Mary
    I meant to buy this album a long time ago and today I fixed that mistake.
  23. Summer of Sad
    by Swell Tone & Z Tapes
    Bad Way Bad Way
    summer is pretty much over, which makes me sad, which makes me the target market for this lovely comp
  24. Always Leaving
    by Walter Etc.
    Um Um
    Always Great Etc.
  25. Skip a Sinking Stone
    by mutual benefit
    Not for Nothing Not for Nothing
    Jordan continues to make some of the most beautiful music going.
  26. RELAY
    by Sports Day's various friends and inspirations
    Carrie - Nicko Franklin Carrie - Nicko Franklin
    cool pool music sorted. now to find a cool pool…
  27. Spooky Action at a Distance
    by Frederick Squire (2016)
    Spill Your Lungs Spill Your Lungs
    spooky action at a distance = lovely listen in the morning
  28. Fish Eyes EP
    by Haley Heynderickx
    Drinking Song Drinking Song
    this one is all kinds of special
  29. Light Upon The Lake
    by Whitney
    No Woman No Woman
    ok summer, I am now ready for you to start.
  30. Taco Truck
    by Creek Beds
    Jack don't write duds
  31. Sheepy Love
    by Wet Blankets
    Patio Patio
    5 really great tunes. Which is the absolute most that you can ask for from a 5 song EP (which is why you should definitely go hit that 'buy' button).
  32. `+`
    by Wise Blood
    If you ever wanted to turn a lame party cool really quickly, put this EP on.
  33. Summer at The Grey Estates Volume 2
    by The Grey Estates
    Low - Yours Are the Only Ears Low - Yours Are the Only Ears
    GREAT comp from a GREAT blog and proceeds go to a GREAT cause. That's 3 great reasons to hit the buy button (for those keeping score at home).
  34. BURNER
    by ScotDrakula
    Aint Scared Aint Scared
    If you are a fan of dirty and raw punk n‘ roll, the stuff that sounds like it has just been freshly scraped off the floor of a garage, you'd be hard pressed to find a better album from 2012 than this one.
  35. Magic Central
    by Breathe Owl Breathe
    House Of Gold House Of Gold
    In an alternate universe —one where we all worked shorter weeks, everybody was genuinely concerned about climate change, and we all just got along— 'House Of Gold' was the biggest hit of 2010.
  36. Hella Personal Film Festival
    by Open Mike Eagle & Paul White
    Check To Check Check To Check
    Was meaning to grab this one earlier in the year, but then I forgot. And then I heard Mello was having a sale so came straight over.
  37. Dead Dance
    by Opez
    Carlos Primero Carlos Primero
    Just listening to the trailer/sampler has already got me thinking about buying a poncho. I worry what will happen once I listen to the album in full. UPDATE: I did not buy a poncho, but I do love this record.
  38. Slow Dance in the Cosmos
    by Porches
    Xanny Bar Xanny Bar
    The opening riff is the first clue that you're about to listen to a really cool album. The second clue would be that it is a PORCHES. album.
  39. Wiggle Room
    by drug cabin
    Handsome Handsome
    even if you don't remember how great Ambulance LTD was… it doesn't take much convincing to get in to drug cabin.
  40. I.
    by Cigarettes After Sex
    Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby
    If you can't find a cigarette, and even if you didn't just finish having sex, putting this on while you lay in bed staring at the ceiling is almost as good.
  41. That Bridge Washed Away In The Storm (EP)
    by Lowpines
    First Night First Night
    when it comes to providing loveliness for my headphones, no one has been more consistent over the past few years than Lowpines
  42. Nothing To Do
    by gorgeous bully
    Nothing To Do Nothing To Do
    consistent bully
    by DA Mixtape (Various Artists)
    Don't Deserve Don't Deserve
    What better way to sample a bunch of artists in one sitting than a big compilation where all the proceeds go to charity?
  44. The Innocents EP
    by Kristoff Waltz
    Virginia, 1923 Virginia, 1923
    the nice weather is coming back… time to start stocking the headphones with music that sounds good when yr walking thru town in shorts
  45. Ill Tides
    by William Ryan Fritch
    Evaporate Evaporate
    There's always room in my headphones for some more William Ryan Fritch.