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Halldór Heiðar Kristínarson

  1. Cuernavaca, Mexico
  2. Metal
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  1. Yo soy el mar
    by Svdestada
    Renacido Renacido
  2. Azabache
    by Svdestada
  3. Candela
    by Svdestada
  4. Смерть культуры
    by SUPRUGA
  5. Ash in Realms of Stone Icons
    by Tómarúm
    Where No Warmth is Found Where No Warmth is Found
    by Arms
    Loner Wolf Loner Wolf
  7. Trema
    by STORMO
  8. No Guts, No Fun
    by Stinkbrute
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. ANTI
    by D.O.G.
  10. Mental Destroyer
    by D.O.G.
    S.O.T.S. S.O.T.S.
  11. Ether
    by Barrie Lobo McLain
    Hide + Seek Hide + Seek
  12. Heirlooms Eternal
    by Human Serpent
  13. Moeror / Human Serpent / Kvadrat (Split)
    by Moeror / Human Serpent / Kvadrat
  14. Betrayal of Birth
    by Empty Cages
  15. Lyruljóra
    by World Narcosis
    Eistnaflug heavy music festival in Iceland, don't remember the year. I was fortunate enough to witness the brutality of this band live. It took two grown men to hold the drumset together because Ægir was literally destroying it. One of Iceland's finest drummers. The singer was dead sick and between devilish screams he was puking in a bucket. What a band. Some of the most devastating music you'll hear out of Iceland.
  16. Sequestered Sympathy
    by Exulansis
    Dead Can't Die Dead Can't Die
  17. Comfort In Nothing
    by Spurn
    Reproduction Reproduction
  18. Neck-Deep in the Blyth
    by Eat Your Own Head
    Denied Denied
    I agree with one of the comments, this is one of those albums that make you go "this one is my favourite!" with each song. Super catchy, and surprising heavy music. Brilliant stuff.
  19. Consumed by the Vitriol of Life
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
    Withered Halo Around My Neck Withered Halo Around My Neck
  20. Wanderers
    by Crust
    Beacon of Death Beacon of Death