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  1. It Is Solved By Walking
    by Luke Schneider
  2. Better
    by Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar, Abe Rounds
  3. Over Tage (Deluxe Edition)
    by Svaneborg Kardyb
  4. Tell Me EP
    by Greg Kramer
  5. To Mix With Time
    by Brendan Eder Ensemble
  6. Cape Cod Cottage
    by Brendan Eder Ensemble
  7. Volume II
    by Flore Laurentienne
  9. 93rd Pl W
    by Greg Kramer
  10. Parade
    by Frontperson
    Parade Parade
    Not sure how I stumbled onto this, but it is great--pop(ish) vibes that are both modern and timeless. Those vocals...I'm entranced.
  11. Okay, Crawdad.
    by Nick Shoulders
  12. Home on the Rage
    by Nick Shoulders
  13. DobroSinger
    by Abbie Gardner
  14. The Incredible Heat Machine
    by TK & The Holy Know-Nothings
    Hell of a Time Hell of a Time
    I consistently return to this CD. What a great album through and through.
  15. Choses Obscures
    by Ryan Traster
  16. Haven
    by Svaneborg Kardyb
    Haven Haven
    I can listen to this album anytime--morning, noon, or night. It just flows. I particularly love how the drums sound--they feel so lifelike. Gets me every time
  17. Arrow
    by Heartless Bastards
    Parted Ways Parted Ways
  18. Old Country
    by Andrea von Kampen
    Portland Portland
    "Portland" just keeps calling me back to listen. What a great tune - Ms. von Kampen's vocals are a treat for your ears!
  19. Goes West
    by William Tyler
    Man in a Hurry Man in a Hurry
    For me, there is something special about the music from transplanted southerners. William Tyler reminds me of what I loved about the south while also showing the rewards of embarking on a new journey somewhere strange and beautiful in its own right. Imagine your future. Ponder your past. But in the end, you are where you is all around us.
  20. Modern Country
    by William Tyler
    William Tyler and company are good medicine for these times. This record is phenomenal--I love it so much.