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  1. Sundown Over Ghost Town
    by Eilen Jewell
    Rio Grande Rio Grande
  2. Trouble
    by The Company
    Rocky Mountain Skies Rocky Mountain Skies
  3. Sonic New York
    by Sxip Shirey
    I Live in New York City I Live in New York City
  4. Sombule
    by Sxip Shirey
    All Babies Must Cry All Babies Must Cry
  5. Olympia EP
    by Olympia
    Atlantis Atlantis
  6. Turn Your Love Up
    by Laneway
    Love is a Devil Love is a Devil
    The music....mmm!
    That voice ...mmmm!
    The lyrics 'love is a devil and the devils wants more'
    ...enough said
  7. Stella Angelico
    by Stella Angelico
    Mister Mister
    What a HOT mama!
    And POWERFUL voice
    If 'Mister' doesn't raise your blood temperature than you're dead.
    The clip is so worth seeing. Those killer heels and those hip movements!...I so want to get up and Shake it bad...Or eat someone alive.
    ..could listen to this song over and over and over ....and over.