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Gary Campbell

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Hear To Heal (2016)
    by Ear Dr.Umz the MetroGnome
    Contact (HI) feat. DJ Able Fader & DJ KLTZ Contact (HI) feat. DJ Able Fader & DJ KLTZ
  2. Do The Math
    by Tribal Music Inc.
    The Intro The Intro
  3. Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines
    by Shabazz Palaces
    30 Clip Extension 30 Clip Extension
  4. Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star
    by Shabazz Palaces
    Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac) Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac)
  5. TRUNK
  6. potato
    by J'Von
    lil' dirt puppy lil' dirt puppy
  7. Studies
    by Dil Withers
    - -
  8. Watercolor
    by Porter Ray
    Sacred Geometry [Constellation Mix] (feat. The Palaceer of Shabazz Palaces and Cashtro) Sacred Geometry [Constellation Mix] (feat. The Palaceer of Shabazz Palaces and Cashtro)
  9. Goretex and Wool
    by Diogenes
    what love (will do) what love (will do)
    Opening with samples from Seattle weather reports and the sound of torrential deluge, "Goretex and Wool" serves as an ideal soundtrack for PNW winter. This beat tape slowly builds up layers of samples and drums and then adds wintertime environmental sounds, and then, equally slowly, peels those layers away again, especially effective on a song like "what love (will do)" that is more than once overtaken by downpour.
  10. Lucid
    by Kazadi
    The Tale of 4 Women The Tale of 4 Women
    It's all about the drums on "Lucid." As he says in the first track, he's got them on cruise control: simple, stripped-down, repetitive, hypnotic... but here and there, the tiniest changes speak volumes. The way the beats come apart in "Falling" or in "The Tale of 4 Women" when you'll find yourself transfixed, like a deer in headlights as the beats move in directions you never thought possible and then guitars crash down all around.
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  11. Origin Story
    by kublakai
    Mixed Messages feat. Mario & Malice Sweet Mixed Messages feat. Mario & Malice Sweet
    "Origin Story" is an upbeat EP, full of compelling vignettes. "Full Circle" underscores with piano the tale of being discovered, the long road to fame, and the importance of paying it forward. "Thir13en," tells of coming of age against a backdrop of bizarro sounds, concluding with hidden acapella number, "I Am Free." In "Mixed Messages," he ponders his biracial upbringing, while backup singers chant "You're beautiful." Sweet and inspirational, this EP is 27 effortless minutes of musical joy.
  12. Black Trash/White House
    by Guayaba
    Casa Blanca Casa Blanca
    The first track off of "Black Trash/White House" ends with this beautiful statement of truth: "I promise that I'm honest, and I promise I'm sincere, and I'm fucked up in the head and I am fat and I am queer, and I am poor and black and may even be ugly, but I'm here." There's a bit of Nikki Minaj in her multiple personality rapping style, used to full effect on songs like "Brown Recluse." This record concludes with "Paloma," an unexpectedly sweet, soft acoustic guitar ballad.
  13. A Million Ways To Live
    by Estevan Rodrigo
    Get Through The Day Get Through The Day
    "A Million Ways To Live" opens with upbeat, late-afternoon, chill-out, sun-setting rap, where you can let your mind wander as the sky changes colors. From the earth-shaking deep pianos on "Money Makes A Good Man" to the irregular, inventive, evolving beat of "PWK" there's much to explore and be lost in here. The verses are mixed low and float, adding texture. And the backing vocal loop on "Like A Photograph" is simply divine, as are the unexplained animal coos throughout the instrumental closer.
  14. My Shadow
    by J-Steez
    Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover
    "My Shadow" starts out raw, as punch-in-the-face, rock rap. Listening to the first track, you'll want to buy a Camero and crank the volume to 11. But there's also something cathartic here, with songs like "Goin' Under" hypnotically wringing a wet towel over and over again, or the tick-tick end of "We Will Not Stop." Mr. J-Steez is a master of the slow-fast-slow and slides into the romantic numbers towards latter tracks.
    by DIDAFLO
    The samples on Didaflo's 2015 double LP of sample-based hip hop, "Doodooloops" are just so, so... nice. They're funny, expansive, and they fill the entire canvas. Listen to this one loud in a room all by yourself. The music is constantly morphing, but never in the direction you might expect. Gorgeous cover art.
  16. But did you die?
    by bzkt.
    justletmebe... justletmebe...
  17. The Woods
    by Theomatic
    Famé's Commercial Break Pt. 2 Famé's Commercial Break Pt. 2
    "The Woods" is the latest EP from prolific Seattle rapper/producer Theomatic, who at only 16 years old, already has two albums and 10 EPs to his credit. He's closely studying the local rap game--name-dropping neighborhoods, south end pride, Molly Moons and more. This EP has an easy, breezy "Vibin'/Chillen" feel, pretty much what you'd expect with palm trees on the cover. Radio play "Famé's Commercial Break Pt. 2," makes me laugh every time.
  18. Nine to Fives & Afterlives
    by Spekulation
    Kids These Days feat. okanomodé Kids These Days feat. okanomodé
  19. Alchemy Union Mixtape #3
    by Alchemy Union
    Ancient Mariner + Hekl - A Dream I had Ancient Mariner + Hekl - A Dream I had
  20. The Shrouded Door - EP
    by B.A the Scribe & Wffls
    No Hands (Ft. Yodi Mac) No Hands (Ft. Yodi Mac)
    Listening to "The Shrouded Door" will leave you feeling good and angry, framing Donald Trump's victory as no surprise, just the latest manifestation of a growing cancer in America. It opens with the lines "Can't look at my phone no more, it makes me mad." We still live in a country where law-abiding black citizens are murdered by police, where we tolerate injustice and your social media hashtag protests ain't gonna do nothing. These tracks are a call to action, a call to courage and hope.
  21. Cool Mike: the untold story
    The Price The Price
    "Cool Mike" is a celebration of vintage gear: Each song formed from a single intriguing, sample loop, then pulling in snippets of dialogue, environment sounds, even the clicks and clacks of the sampling machinery. "Sheets" has a beat moving at odds with verses that talk about the daily grind of excellence, while on "NHB," he's on a beach, drinking a Mai Tai, laughing in a flow that feels effortless, at the rest of us and our silly, quantized, auto-tuned computers.
  22. Influence
    by Blaine Davis & Joseph Comin
    Cobain Cobain
    They've sampled recognizable riffs from Seattle's rock and grunge greatest hits, and then magically transformed well-loved songs into hip hop bangers--each one sounds completely new and fresh. Opening track "Cobain" lifts the haunting strains of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" into a loop before veering in unexpected directions. It's a revelation, as is "Hendrix" and "Miller." Blaine's verses throughout are powerful and deep. Let me simply say this: GO GET THIS RECORD ON BANDCAMP.
  23. I Quit
    by Buje Mane
    Red Zone Red Zone
    Buje Mane's got a cool, slow, loose spitting style that sounds a bit like freestyle, backed by minimal, unobtrusive beats playing through broken speakers and distorted tape. These a short bursts--most songs here clock in under two minutes. Both "Long Sleeve" and "Pants" starts at half speed, and experiment with speed and expectations. The track I keep coming back to is the hypnotically repetitive "Red Zone." Inventive stuff here.
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  24. The House Is Empty...
    by Saga Breeze
    Case (Momma When I Die Just Take Antidepressants...) Case (Momma When I Die Just Take Antidepressants...)
    I love the way Saga rhymes, finding the perfect slot, though rarely on the beat or the bar that you're expecting. Throughout this EP there are so many delightful little rhythm and sensory surprises--play this one on good headphones, and be ready for to have an emotional response during the quiet ending of "Case (Momma When I Die Just Take Antidepressants)."
  25. Amadeus
    by Melonic
    Amadeus Amadeus
    There's lots of intriguing compositions here--jazz pianos, sped up Motown samples, amusing dialogue slices--the product of much study the schools of Dilla and Kanye. In an age of floor-shaking low end, there's an almost complete absence of bass here, which makes for a very fresh sound, with the treble snap in his snare drums is turned way up. This lends a light and airy feel overall, especially on tracks like "How Funky Is Your Chicken?" and a different sort of heavy smack to "Summer Sixteen."
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  26. Proletariat Rock
    by Araless
    Robots Robots
    This punk-meets-hip hop EP is worried about mind control: "Corporations are mediating our conversations." On "Rotten Fruit" he unearths the whole system, finding it completely corrupted and demands urgent social response. The nine-minute guitar-heavy closing track, urges a simpler life, if such a thing is even still possible, before launching into a second, gorgeously sweet, low-fi hidden song.
  27. HOME
    Bruce Leroy makes ALL CAPS rap. Drums on this record are prominent, and often naked, punctuating tracks like exclamation marks. But it's their smooth, percussive interplay with the verses, especially when Leroy hits the accelerator pedal, kicking his raps into sixth gear... it will leave you completely breathless. Or two minutes into "PREMIUM UNLEADED" when everything flips around, backwards. The more I listen to this record, the more there is to love.
  28. The Escape Plan
    by ExZac Change & Iyzlow Matisse
    Floatin' ft. T.S. the Solution & Devi Floatin' ft. T.S. the Solution & Devi
    A concept record about trying to find a life that's more than living from paycheck to paycheck. The overarching story is told through a series of classic rap skits, which frames their journey perhaps more as a "quitting our crap jobs to become famous rappers and smoke hella weed" plan. The album fittingly ends with an ode to watching TV, which may be the reality of these characters' jobless future. But I kid: The verses and the beats here are solid, often ping-ponging between two talented MCs.
  29. Gab The Most High (Swishahouse Remix)
    by Gifted Gab
    Piece Of My Love feat. Mario Sweet (Swishahouse Remix) Piece Of My Love feat. Mario Sweet (Swishahouse Remix)
    I wasn't hip to the Screwed and Chopped movement before this record--DJ Michael Watts slows down every track by 1/3, and then introduces skips and repeats and scratches. Slowing the music down illuminates the tiny musical details, and the repeats put the focus on the nuances of Gab's lyrics and wordplay. Listening to these remixes makes me love the original album even more. This Swishahouse remix confirms Gab's right to serve as Queen of Seattle. Give her the Royal Warrant pronto.
    by MadShroom Mc
    War Machine PRD Qreepz War Machine PRD Qreepz
    Released on November 5, only a couple of days before we headed to the polls, MadShroom MC's "#MURIKKKA" is a surgical nuclear strike, delivering potent, aggressive anthems. It follows a long tradition of smart political commentary rap, a la classic Public Enemy. It's a pessimistic assessment of a government obsessed with money and war. On "Dance Party BullShit" MadShroom MC offers up the following salve: "Don't worry about shit y'all. Just dance. Like it's your only solution."
  31. We are all Fucked.
    by bzkt.
    We are all f***** ft. Chester Watson Prod. by Prxphet & Xquals of LSP We are all f***** ft. Chester Watson Prod. by Prxphet & Xquals of LSP
    Listening to this record in the darkest of November is an especially dangerous pairing. Its oppressively bleak mood, like a wet rain that you feel in your bones, is exemplified here by blown speaker sounds, twitchy beats that refuse to follow a click and skip, taps, vocals and samples twisted and distorted beyond recognition. But there's also catharsis here, and a beauty you can commiserate to, and a production playground that constantly pushes into new terrain.
  32. Concrete Waves
    by Kung Foo Grip
    Low End/96 Shit Low End/96 Shit
    This summer, KFG's Greg jumped on a police car hood and rapped anthems to an adoring crowd. The next day, they hosted a sellout rooftop event, so packed that most of us stood below, on the street, listening the way Londoners did when The Beatles played buildingtop. "Concrete Waves" is an exclamation point: The production feels like cruising down Broadway in a bouncing lowrider. The beat on the first track so fresh, you'll find yourself replaying this one song before devouring the rest.
  33. Morphic Rez
    by Sendai Era
    Sense Deprivation (ft. Clarissa Abadesco & Richard Arcelo) Sense Deprivation (ft. Clarissa Abadesco & Richard Arcelo)
    Between abstract cover art and the title "Morphic Rez," you might assume this to be an album of stark minimalist techno. But don't judge Sendai Era's 2015 EP by its packaging alone: Tapping play reveals deft, smart and danceable hip hop, even when the dance floor is your living room or your morning commute. As MC Era rat-tat-tat raps on the catchy "Sense Deprivation," this is some hella great "shit that makes you vibe with your eyes closed."
  34. Ai Level
    by Dex Amora & goldenbeets
    The Frequen-see The Frequen-see
    by Kung Foo Grip
    Zerkin Zerkin
    There's so much to like on this record--the epic percussive synth stabs of "Zerkin," the guest verse from fellow Cabin Games label-mate Silas Blak on "ANTI-Social," where the spitting and the beats circle each other in the ring, sparring. "Goin Up, Lookin Down" expresses the band's frustration with breaking through, repeating the mantra "Gas, Brake, Gas, Brake," a theme that appears again on "Pyramid" in the lines "break it down and rebuild."
  36. #BlakFriday: The Mixtape
    by Silas Blak
    Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
  37. OCnotes Opus: A Practice Tool For BBoys & BGirls (LE Extended Edition)
    by ocnotes
    Duel Of the Iron Breaks Duel Of the Iron Breaks
  38. Void
    by Grey Waves
    Remember Me Remember Me
  39. AURA EP [Hosted by The Word Is Bond]
    by Dex Amora
    sagAmora shxt (ft. Zuke Saga) (prod. by Vaughnilla) sagAmora shxt (ft. Zuke Saga) (prod. by Vaughnilla)
    There're folks who rap on the beat, and some who rap off beat, and then there's souls like Dex Amora who cartwheel whatever damn way they please like it's the most natural thing in the world. A while back I was talking with some local hip hop luminaries who referenced Dex as a cat to watch out for--and they are on point. Beautiful vibes, funky verses, and punctuated throughout with comedy dialogue samples that recall classic rap skits.
  40. HerbsPenSoul
    by Dex Amora
    Who I Be Who I Be
  41. DUALGODFLOW 04' (Instrumentals)
    by Keyboard Kid 206
    Keyboard Kid Music exclusive
  42. Unmixed Nuts Vol. 2
    by Chocolate Chuck
    Buzz Buzz
    This is one of my favorite beat tapes from 2016. Chuck knows how to tap the feelings of zeitgeist nostalgia, merging classic soul and Saturday morning cartoon humor with a floor-shaking repetitive danceability akin to Daft Punk. Every time I look at this cover, it makes me laugh, though the contents have little to do with party politics. Save this one for your "best of 2016" lists.
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  43. Leavings
    by Tay Sean
    Supramundane Supramundane
    Tay Sean has such a way with beats. While listening to this 2016 masterwork I found myself semi-unconsciously cataloging all the percussive sounds, their variety and all the off notes and the ones that are right on. (And losing count...) Find the groove and you're bobbing your head throughout. The interplay of rap and singing and vocal samples deepens further, particularly when the voices themselves become momentum. Gorgeously dense, there are many more layers yet to peel from this alien onion.
  44. Editorials: (wartunes)
    by Silas Blak
    Tool Tool
    Been spinning Silas Blak's "Editorials" all weekend. Gorgeous production and deep thoughts. Great head-bobbing headphone tunes. He was recently nominated for a well-deserved Genius award.
  45. Armadilla Lexus
    by Nu Era
    More Alice More Alice
    A recent "My Philosophy" column in The Stranger turned me on to this record. Fresh beats, smooth rhymes, multiple rappers throwing verses, wicked production... This is a record where I get about five songs in and then go back to the beginning and listen to those same songs again. And again. So many standout tracks, especially "More Alice"