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  1. Consume
    by Polaris
    Consume Consume
  2. Jewish Metal
    by 66Samus
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Grow
    by Flicker Rate
  4. Dark Waters EP
    by Dudeist Priests
    Divine Equine Divine Equine
    Glass Shark love fat kid. That's one thing you GOTTA know.
  5. DTV Original Soundtrack
    by various artists
    Predator Main Theme Predator Main Theme
    An excellent mix of originals and covers of 80s movie themes. The sax only version of The Terminator theme is unbelievably good.
  6. Radiant Moon
    Radiant Moon Radiant Moon
    Ambient, heavy and brilliant.
  7. The Cost of Every Man
    by Recode The Subliminal
    The Harvest The Harvest
    An awesome metal record with some fantastic riffs and grooves. Beautiful cover art too.
  8. peripeteia
    5306 Morningside 5306 Morningside
    Just a really solid metal record. I'm not going to bother banging on about the sub genres. It's ambitious, engaging, heavy, and melodic.
  9. Pain & Suffering
    by Advent
    Wind From The Valley Wind From The Valley
    For those times when you need to just listen to some really angry hardcore, this it perfect.
  10. Demo EP
    by Push Over
    Transitioning Seamlessly Transitioning Seamlessly
    Angular, catchy rock that has a certain level of ambition but not so much as to alienate the listener.
  11. Super Guitar Bros
    by Super Guitar Bros
    Super Mario Sunshine - Delfino Plaza Super Mario Sunshine - Delfino Plaza
    Didn't hear this one until I heard the follow up record, but it's just as good.
  12. Wisdom Eyes
    by Nine Treasures
    Robe Of Prince Robe Of Prince
    A really fun mix of metal and ethnic instrumentation. I'm a really big fan on musicians singing in their native tongue as well. The cover art is glorious to boot.
  13. Nice.
    by Super Guitar Bros
    Super Mario World - Athletic Super Mario World - Athletic
    This album is immaculately produced and played to perfection. Sometimes this genre can get too busy and the song is lost, but these guys get the balance just right.
  14. Earache Xmas 2016 Sampler
    by Earache Records
    Thundering Voices Thundering Voices
  15. Baby, It's Khold Outside
    by Dead Wretch
    We need more metal Christmas songs like this. Not just a novelty record, but a killer tune in it's own right.
  16. Disco
    by The Poseurs
    Шум (Noise) Шум (Noise)
    A fun, sharp, short ska-punk record.
  17. The Experiment - EP
    by Built on Neon
    Abduction Abduction
    This feels like stepping into a time machine right back to the 80s, only with a modern twist. The score to a cool heist movie that has yet to be made.
  18. The Guilt & The Grief
    by Polaris
    Regress Regress
    Not usually into metalcore/djent but there's something different about this that caught my attention that I really dig. A gift from Dan Kaplan through #metalbandcampgiftclub
  19. Kodama (Luxus)
    by Alcest
    Kodama Kodama
    Just a really solid listen. Heavy in places, sweeping in others.
  20. Dead Wretch Presents: Nekromura - King of Strong Steel
    by Nekromura
    Bomaye to the Face of God Bomaye to the Face of God
    I love metal. I love wrestling. This is a perfect example of worlds colliding.
  21. Relapse Sampler 2016
    by Relapse Sampler
    Flies Flies
  22. Behemoth
    by GosT
    Behemoth Behemoth
    I wouldn't usually be into this kind of stuff, and initially wondered how it ended up in the Metal section of Bandcamp, but I'm glad it did. A bunch of absolutely infectious synth heavy songs.
  23. The Last Note in God's Magnum Opus
    by Schizoid Lloyd
    Suicide Penguin Suicide Penguin
    It's tough to come close to the cohesive madness that Mike Patton can create, but Schizoid Lloyd comes a lot closer than most, but still manages to sound unique at the same time.
  24. False Highs, True Lows
    by Plebeian Grandstand
    Mal Du Siècle Mal Du Siècle
    Solid, if unspectacular BM record. That being said, my opinion could change when I give it a couple more spins.
  25. Non Paradisi
    by GosT
    Commencement Commencement
    Like the cover art, the scope of this is so much more than what Behemoth was. GosT have opened the gates of hell and are battling the trumpets of heaven with the deepest, heaviest synth imaginable.
  26. New Bermuda
    by deafheaven
    Baby Blue Baby Blue
    A Goddamn masterpiece.

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  1. Moksha
    by Cloud Rat
  2. Relapse Sampler 2016
    by Relapse Sampler
  3. God of Pain EP
    by Last Command